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Australia’s all about the great wide outdoors. We love to live outside, and when you’re surrounded by so much wonderful nature, why wouldn’t we?

Even when we’re home, we love to lounge about on the patio, have a drink on the verandah, swim in the sunshine and organise endless barbecues with friends and family. It’s all about camaraderie and joy.

So it does put a damper on things when a typical Aussie storm charges through. Nobody wants to be enjoying a steak, soaked, or have their wine mixed with rainwater. Or have an all-out battle with them creepy-crawlies. Grilled grasshopper anyone? 

Having the right shade protecting you from the sun, rain and insects can not only enhance your living experience, it also adds value to your home.

 Whether you’re extending an already existing space like a verandah or are looking to create a new one from scratch, awnings can be a versatile solution. Plus, at Watson, we’ve made them look fantastic too!

Why Our Awnings?

Product Options

Alpha SRS Outdoor Blind:  The Alpha SRS provides dependable protection during Winter, Summer, and everywhere in-between. Custom-make your Alpha SRS awning to fit any space and essentially add an extra room to your home – perfect for enclosing a courtyard, patio, or balcony.

Semina by Weinor: Simple, straightforward and streamlined, the Semina is great for those ‘quick-fixes’. This retractable awning suits practically any occasion and stands strong against rough weather conditions.

Cassita II by Weinor: Made in Germany, the Cassita II comes with a delightful feature; LED lighting! Its slim and sleek demeanour means it easily blends in, and its cassette protects the fabric and mechanisms too, which means longer life.

Plaza Viva by Weinor: Self-mounted, German-crafted, and operates with just the touch of a button. If smart awnings are a thing, you’ve found it. It’s incredibly self-sufficient and ticks off pretty much all the boxes.

Sintesi Retractable Roof:  This Italian designed retractable roof incorporates an integrated rain gutter and downpipe system fitted discreetly into an elegant mounting frame. Did we mention it looks like a dream?

Sundream Awnings: If you’re looking to bridge the gap between the outdoors and indoors, then look no further. It’s operating system makes it not only durable, but also maintenance-free. 

Zipscreen Awnings: It’s a party all day, everyday. Stay safe from the sun, wind, rain and bothersome insects with this stylish alternative to regular awnings. 

Straight Drop Awnings: Straight to the point, our Straight Drop Awnings are great if you want to test the waters with awnings as they don’t come with a host of bells and whistles and fit into tricky spots.

Pivot Arm Awnings: Keep that famous Aussie heat at bay and protect your home with Pivot Arm Awnings. They cover your windows while simultaneously allowing air to flow through. They’re also adjustable for your precise needs.

Folding Arm Awnings: Our Folding Arm range is home to the Discus, Stratos I, Stratos II, and Stratos III. Enhanced functionality and flexibility means you can pull the fabric back when you feel like enjoying a splash of sunshine.

Choose Your Awning

SRS alpha
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Why Opt For Awnings?


Fabric Awning

We trust our awning fabrics so much, they come complete with a 10-year warranty. 

We know exactly what we’re dealing with when it comes to Aussie weather, so these fabrics have been specifically manufactured to face up to any storm that comes your way. They’re also great for holding their own in the scorching sun, and they look phenomenal doing it all the whole time. Some, like the Folding Arm awnings for instance, even offer custom colour options. 

Certain types of fabrics are recommended for specific awnings and this often depends on the type of awning, as it affects how it can withstand the weather. 

There are numerous choices of awning fabrics on the market. When selecting your fabric keep the following in mind:

Air flow

Clear PVC is great for unrestricted view and when air flow is not an option. If you’re enclosing a verandah or patio, you might still want to have a nice cool breeze coming through. If this is required, ensure you select an open weave fabric with around 10% openness.


When a fabric is used outdoors it’s exposed to the elements. Fabrics with DURAGUARD® Fabric Protection keeps odours away, protects against the development of bacteria, resists stains and stops mildew and fungi build-up.

Colour fastness

Ensure the fabric you choose has excellent fade-resistance to the sun. Any fabric with a fade-resistance of 6 or above is advised, and will ensure your fabric remains the colour you selected for many years to come.

Privacy and view through

There are open and closed weave awning fabrics. Consider if you want day or night time privacy. An open weave fabric in a dark colour gives fantastic view-through in the day, but also allows others to see in at night.



Mesh | Canvas | Clear PVC | Acrylic

Tips 'n Tricks

Whether you’re after an awning solution for home or your retail space, it can help to go over a checklist so you can be sure to come up with something that’s best suited to your requirements. 

As simple as it can be, when you start getting into the process some questions are bound to come up, and this way you’ll have the answers sooner rather than later.

  • Purpose: You might think this a bit silly. After all, you want an awning, you know your purpose! Well because, an awning that’s meant to cover a swimming pool for instance may not suit a storefront. Different spaces have different needs, so knowing exactly what it’s for is half the battle won.
  • Space: Now you know what purpose your awning serves, it’s time to look at whether your choices fit into the space. For the most part they do, but sometimes things are a little trickier than they seem. So it can help to take a moment to regroup. Trust us, we can help you find the awning you need. 
  • Fabric: If you head on up a little, you’ll get the full lowdown on our awning fabrics and the options available. Choosing what you want though will depend once again on your purpose. If you want something you can see through for example, then clear PVC may be the way to go. 

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

Daryl Gough
7 months ago
Fantastic service, love the showroom. Couldn't be happier with products, value and would highly recommend them to anyone.
Jonathan Dawson
7 months ago
We are very happy with our new blinds and I could strongly recommend Watson blinds to anyone. Job well done.
Tom Stephens
7 months ago
The team at Watson Blinds & Awnings are one of the most professional companies I have dealt with. The install completed in my home in April 2018 looks amazing. The quality of product, communication and service has also been incredible. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing blinds or curtains and will be using them again myself in the future.
Claire Toepfer
7 months ago
Exceptional service and a high quality product. The fact that these guys are local is not just a bonus, it's essential to their business model. Quick service and installation, personal approach which helped immensely. A small error at their end was corrected swiftly and as a result we got an extra set of blinds at an enormous discount. A local company ensures that its brand is protected and so will do everything possible to keep the customer happy. So glad we chose Watson!
Charles Nowak
8 months ago
The experience I had with these guys was unbelievable, fast service, price couldn’t be beaten. They even cleaned the area that they were working around after they were done. Definitely will be recommending these guys if anyone ever needs blinds done! Keep up the good work!
Jacqueline Parker
1 year ago
Great customer service, knowledgeable staff who are happy to take you through the range and explain any questions and queries you may have. Order process was hassle free and my order arrived on time and looked fantastic. I would definitely order through Watsons' again and recommend them to anyone looking for made to measure.
Martin Gilby
9 months ago
Great customer service by Ashlee. And well organized display area.
David Peterson
9 months ago
I have my outdoor blinds fitted with very good service. Now i can enjoy the summer. Thanks Watson Blinds & Awnings.
Tina Robbins
9 months ago
Very happy with my outdoor blinds from Watson Blinds & Awnings. Professionally fitted. Thanks Watson Blinds & Awnings for this fantastic job!
The Cock and Crown Woden
11 months ago
These guys are awesome and our blinds are perfect! It's been a pleasure to deal with everyone involved at Watsons. Highly recommended.