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Create A Space You’ll Love To Live In With Window Shutters

No matter how modern the world gets, deep down some of us are old souls.

So if blinds aren’t really your jam, maybe shutters will do the trick. 

Shutters are often unfairly dismissed as being ‘old’ or ‘out-of-date’. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, we think going old-school can actually give you the solution you never knew you needed. 

Our stunning selection of made-to-measure shutters delivers looks that are so nice you can’t help but look twice. 

With their simultaneously modern, timeless and functional design, you can add value and style to your most valuable asset. And with a plethora of options to choose from, the struggle is real. 

So let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start as someone once said. 

Why Our Shutters?

Plantation Shutters - Timber and PVC

Give your indoor space an instant makeover with our internal shutters. Available in both timber and PVC finishes, their raw beauty, practicality and strength will never date, creating a modern yet timeless option for your windows.

Not only are shutters fantastic for amping up that curb appeal, they also do more than just look pretty. They’re excellent energy-savers and help you manage harsh sunlight so you can also protect your interiors like floors and furnishings. 


Timber shutters get a special mention for being one of the most sophisticated internal window coverings in modern day interior designing. Custom-made to suit your home, we have shutters available in a range of shapes and styles to suit both windows and doorways.

 We use premium quality hardwood for our timber shutters which is well-known for its sturdy longevity. It also gives timber shutters a regal, sophisticated personality, making them ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas,  and home office/ study spaces.  


If you want to extend this look throughout your home, you should also consider looking into premium wood-look shutters which are made from hardy and durable PVC. They’re especially suited for areas susceptible to water and moisture, like kitchens or bathrooms because they’re not affected the same way timber is with water over time. Exterior facing windows are also suitable candidates for PVC shutters. 

Plantation Shutters
Roller shutters
Aluminium SHUTTERS
Aluminium shutters
Timber plantation shutters

Aluminium Shutters

Privacy, optimum light control and the ability to enjoy your outdoor area anytime you want. 


Sound like you’re asking for too much?


Not at all. In fact, we think it’s the least you deserve in your own home. 


Aluminium shutters have an uncanny ability to make you feel like you’re the only person in the world. They come with a high degree of autonomy, allowing you to adjust your shutters precisely the way you want. You can angle them away from the sun, away from the neighbours… you catch our drift. 


Ours have been designed as modern, functional shutters which are aesthetically appealing particularly for exterior use. They’re constructed with a chip-resistant powder coating, and span wider areas than traditional shutters, thereby providing a superior view.


Aluminium shutters can be adapted to any form of installation and are easy to clean. A stylish yet affordable solution, especially for areas like patios and balconies.


Available in a number of finishes, colours and styles, our aluminium shutters are the perfect addition to an outdoor space where you still value the flexibility of allowing natural light in without a loss of privacy.

Roller Shutters

So many things rolled into one. This versatile product is responsible for a lot, including both security and maintaining your home’s good looks. Plus, it offers great insulation so you can stay toasty throughout the year. 

Built to be strong and sturdy, our roller shutters are designed to keep unwanted visitors out, cushion outside noise and keep you and your family safe from unpredictable natural events such as bushfires for example. 

And if you thought your only choices of colour were black and grey, think again. We have an expansive range of colours you can pick from to match your current home. Which means, they can pretty much be matched up with any requirement. 

Customised To Any Shape

Today’s shutters are a world apart from the shutters of yore. Though they’re very much reminiscent of traditional days gone past, they’ve really come into their own and have transformed into a modern-day delight.

There are different shutter styles you can go for:



Combining multiple panels in one smooth motion, this style is commonly used on doorways or wide windows giving the area a stunning look.


When we said they’d suit any type of door, we meant it. Give your home a makeover that’s ‘au naturale’.


Ultimate control over light, sight, and privacy, by operating the top and bottom panel separately. Curl up with a good book and warm cuppa, in just the right environment with just the right light. Bliss. 


Bring a touch of Parisian chic into your humble abode with plantation shutters, and feel like you’re a world away


Why Opt For Shutters?

Tips 'n Tricks

To get the most out of your shutters, it can help to have a quick run over a few key points. 

  • Are you working with an indoor or outdoor space
  • Is the area exposed to a lot of water? For instance, is it a bathroom or an outdoor area open to the rain?
  • Ambience of the room – What personality do you want your space to have? 
  • Size of the area – For instance, expansive bi-fold shutters may look too bulky in a small room 

All our shutters can be motorised too, making it very convenient to operate those hard to reach windows in your home.

Book an appointment with our local experts today, and have an in-home consultant assess your requirements. 

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Daryl Gough
7 months ago
Fantastic service, love the showroom. Couldn't be happier with products, value and would highly recommend them to anyone.
Jonathan Dawson
7 months ago
We are very happy with our new blinds and I could strongly recommend Watson blinds to anyone. Job well done.
Tom Stephens
7 months ago
The team at Watson Blinds & Awnings are one of the most professional companies I have dealt with. The install completed in my home in April 2018 looks amazing. The quality of product, communication and service has also been incredible. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing blinds or curtains and will be using them again myself in the future.
Claire Toepfer
7 months ago
Exceptional service and a high quality product. The fact that these guys are local is not just a bonus, it's essential to their business model. Quick service and installation, personal approach which helped immensely. A small error at their end was corrected swiftly and as a result we got an extra set of blinds at an enormous discount. A local company ensures that its brand is protected and so will do everything possible to keep the customer happy. So glad we chose Watson!
Charles Nowak
8 months ago
The experience I had with these guys was unbelievable, fast service, price couldn’t be beaten. They even cleaned the area that they were working around after they were done. Definitely will be recommending these guys if anyone ever needs blinds done! Keep up the good work!
Jacqueline Parker
1 year ago
Great customer service, knowledgeable staff who are happy to take you through the range and explain any questions and queries you may have. Order process was hassle free and my order arrived on time and looked fantastic. I would definitely order through Watsons' again and recommend them to anyone looking for made to measure.
Martin Gilby
9 months ago
Great customer service by Ashlee. And well organized display area.
David Peterson
9 months ago
I have my outdoor blinds fitted with very good service. Now i can enjoy the summer. Thanks Watson Blinds & Awnings.
Tina Robbins
9 months ago
Very happy with my outdoor blinds from Watson Blinds & Awnings. Professionally fitted. Thanks Watson Blinds & Awnings for this fantastic job!
The Cock and Crown Woden
11 months ago
These guys are awesome and our blinds are perfect! It's been a pleasure to deal with everyone involved at Watsons. Highly recommended.