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Honeycomb blinds control light, block out heat and cold, and can be installed in windows of any shape.
"Very Happy. Certain the costly gas central heating isn’t coming on as often. Staff and installer most professional. My sitting room looks elegant and cosy."

Kerry M.

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Superior Insulation for Consistent Temperatures with Our Premium Honeycomb Blinds 🙌

These blinds are not just a statement of style; they are a testament to the ingenuity found in nature. Their unique cellular shape, influenced by the hexagonal prisms of a honeycomb, traps air in distinct pockets and prevents it from seeping through your windows. This in turn provides exceptional insulation and promotes comfortable temperatures inside your home year-round.

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Day & Night Honeycombs
Skylight Honeycombs
Bottom up honeycombs
Bottom Up Honeycombs
Top-down honeycombs
Top Down Honeycombs
Vertical honeycombs
Vertical Honeycombs
Perfect-fit honeycombs
Perfect Fit Honeycombs

Day & Night Honeycombs

Designed to offer both light control and privacy.

Consist of two layers of fabric: one light-filtering and the other opaque or blackout, allowing you to adjust the blinds according to your needs throughout the day.

36 Reviews
Skylight honeycombs

Skylight Honeycombs

Specially designed window coverings for skylights.

Tailored to fit the unique shape of skylight windows, offering both energy efficiency and versatility in adjusting natural light and privacy levels. 

26 Reviews

Bottom Up Honeycombs

Opens from bottom up.

If your priority is straightforward privacy control from the bottom up without the need for top-down opening, then bottom-up honeycomb blinds would be a perfect fit

44 Reviews

Top Down Honeycombs

Open either from top down, bottom up or both.

If you value versatility and want the ability to adjust your window coverings to allow light in from the top while maintaining privacy at the bottom, top-down bottom-up blinds are ideal

32 Reviews

Vertical Honeycombs

Designed to provide unparalleled flexibility.

Can be neatly drawn to the side for clear view and rotated 180 degrees, for precise control over light levels while ensuring privacy. Perfect for sliding doors/large windows.

31 Reviews

Perfect Fit Honeycombs

Designed to seamlessly integrate with any windows and sliding doors.

Offering excellent insulation and light control, featuring a unique frame that clips onto the window without the need for drilling or screws.

24 Reviews

The Honeycomb Blinds everyone is talking about.

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4.8 out of 5 stars | 600+ reviews

Easy process and great blinds

The whole process was easy and everyone has been very friendly and helpful, from the consultation to the installation. Had both honeycomb and roller blinds installed. Would totally recommend the honeycomb blinds, as you really notice the cold being kept out by them. Wish I had ordered them for all windows.

Bec J. - ACT, Canberra

Exceptional customer service

Very happy with the quality of the blinds. The installation, communication and more importantly after sale service. Would highly recommend.

JVB - ACT, Canberra

These blinds look fantastic and work so well

I am so happy with the honeycomb blinds I purchased. The staff at John Watsons are extremely professional and knowledgeable and I was surprised that the blinds arrived within 2 weeks of being ordered and were installed so quickly and professionally and I am delighted with them.

Annabel - South-Eastern Region, NSW

The Honeycomb Blinds everyone is talking about.


Frequently Asked Questions

We make all our honeycomb blinds in our very own factory, so they’re backed with our lifetime warranty.

This depends on how big or small a project is, but our prices generally start from around $200.

Again it depends on the project in question, but as a timeframe we’re looking at anywhere between 2-4 weeks.

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