Can Your Window Blinds Become Your Home’s Energy Saver?

Meet The Luxurious, Versatile & Energy Efficient Honeycomb Blind (AKA Cellular Blinds or Cellular Shades)
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Does your home feel like a freezer in the winter, and an oven in the summer?

Are you tired of coming home only to hurry to the A/C control?

We all know how extreme Canberra’s weather can be.

Excruciatingly cold winters, followed by hot and dry (though pleasant) summers.

We never seem to find the right balance – if your cooling isn’t on, then it’s almost certain your heating is, there doesn’t seem to be a lot in between.

And we all know what this means for your electricity bill too.

There is a solution though — and a stylish one too.​

Its called Cellular Blinds. (AKA Honeycomb Blinds or Cellular Shades)

Thanks to innovations in fabric technology and design, you can now get window blinds that not only enhance your home decor, but can also regulate the temperature in your home and save you money.

Watson Honeycomb Blinds:

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So what exactly are the Honeycomb cellular blinds, and how will they help me?

Independent research shows that Honeycomb cellular blinds can help you reduce energy cost by up to 49%!

That’s just about half of your electricity bill!

Money that has been going out the window… literally.

Honeycomb cellular blinds use special isolation technology to keep the temperature in your room at that enjoyable, cozy range. They have honeycomb shaped air pockets that trap the air coming in, and stops it from going out.

These air pockets are the insulators that can slow down or even stop thermal conduction between the inside of your home and the outside.

In the hot summer, the Honeycomb blinds insulate windows so the heat won’t come in. In the cold winter, the honeycomb blinds trap the warm air inside your home and keep the temperature balanced and comfortable.

These energy saving blinds keep the temperature at a constant, so your air conditioner and heater can take a much needed break.

How it all works

The insulating properties of a Honeycomb blind are measured by the fabric’s ‘R-value’, which refers to its ability to resist heat flow. R-values indicate the ability of walls, roofs and windows to keep the heat inside.

It’s simple: The higher the R-value, the higher the material’s ability to resist the heat flow.

Here, at Watson Blinds, we create fully recessed, reveal-mounted 20mm Honeycomb blinds that can increase the R-value of the windows in your home from 0.127 to a whopping 0.528.

That’s reducing 76% of the heat transfer!

honeycomb cell shades
The cellular design creates air pockets, trapping air within the cell and acting as an insulator between the room and window and the air being transferred through the window.

So, do you still think those Chinese-imported blinds are a bargain?

In the long run you'll end up spending a lot more money with a product that simply does not live up to Australian quality standards and not produced specifically for our climate in mind.

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Functionality doesn’t mean lack of style

The energy efficiency of a home is important, no doubt, but what about the looks? We all want beautiful, welcoming homes that let us express who we are. We all want to be wow-ed — and to wow our friends and family. We all look for that little touch of luxury.

Watson Honeycomb blinds are custom-made to match any home decor style and we offer the widest selection of colors and fabrics in Canberra.

All our products are also designed and manufactured according to the latest ACCC Child Safety Regulations, which means keeping your little ones and pets away from cords and sharp edges.

So, let’s sum up


We can guarantee that:

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What does that entail?

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  • Harlem Single Cell 20mm Blockout

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