Seven Stereotypes About Cellular Shades That Aren’t Always True

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Cellular shades are some of the most useful items you can attach to a room along with curtains Canberra and blinds Canberra, or even potentially awnings Canberra. They do many things that regular blinds and curtains cannot do. These provide many benefits that can certainly help you and your home in the long run. Unfortunately, many people believe certain stereotypes and false facts about these shades. They are useful, and false facts about them should not stop you from using them.

7 Common Stereotypes about Cellular Shades/Cellular Blinds

These handy cellular shades and cellular blinds deserve to have these myths clarified. They are quite useful, after all. Here are 7 stereotypes and myths about these shades that need to be debunked.

  • Having these blinds installed will break the bank.

Contrary to what most people believe, having custom-made cellular blinds and cellular shades are not too expensive to purchase. Cellular blinds/cellular shades are cost-efficient. Their ability to insulate a room can even help you save money on electricity costs in the long run. Just make sure you find a company that will not charge you exorbitant amounts for manufacture and installation. Watson is a good candidate for a company, especially in terms of blinds Canberra or Canberra blinds, or even curtains Canberra/Canberra curtains.

  • These shades are hard to clean.

It may be true that these shades are a tad more difficult to clean compared with regular curtains and blinds. However, the value that these shades provide will be well worth it.

The truth is that while these are more challenging to clean, it is not at all difficult as people in Canberra and the South Coast have come to expect. The exterior of the cells can be cleaned the standard way. The cells can be rinsed using a vacuum cleaner and something as simple as a blow dryer.

  • They are unsafe for kids and pets.

Cellular shades/cellular blinds are entirely safe in households that have kids and pets. The materials are pet and child-friendly. You can even get these shades in cordless options to make them even more reliable.

  • They completely block out the view.

This is not a problem if you prefer making your rooms a tad darker. Cellular shades are excellent in blocking out light. If you would prefer to make a room a little brighter, you can have the shades customised to be translucent or brighter in colour.

  • These shades make a room significantly hotter.

Cellular blinds/cellular shades can insulate a room excellently. This does not necessarily mean that the room will be hotter. You can change the cell size to modify the insulation ability to match the temperature you would like in the room.

  • They are hard to install.

These shades do not need special equipment to be installed. These are easy to attach and should prove no trouble to you and your family.

  • They are not customisable.

Cellular blinds have a variety of options for customisability. You can modify the shutters based on colour and opacity to match the feel of the room. You can also customise the cell size to change its ability to insulate.

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Cellular shades do not deserve all the false facts that people believe about them. Get a couple installed as soon as possible and trust an excellent company like Watson Blinds & Shades to do it for you. If you’re in Canberra or the South Coast NSW region, let us know, we’d love to help you get some blinds Canberra. Call us today at (02) 6280-4443 for enquiries.