Why Veri Shades are the Best Replacement for Curtains

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Curtains play a significant role in interior design, they can enhance your existing décor or even add a bit of drama to your living areas. There’s a large variety of finishes and colours and you’ll have no problem matching them to fit nearly any kind of interior. They are good for sound and light control too. 

In general, quality custom-made curtains are more expensive than blinds, and definitely pricier than the ‘new kid on the block’ too, called Veri shades

Veri Shades, also known as the “clever curtain,” has the softness of curtains but the functionality of vertical blinds. Not only are they suitable for any room, but they are also fully customisable. Veri Shades perform the function of both curtains and blinds, so they are the best and most effective choice of window furnishings.

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5 Reasons Veri Shades are the Best Replacement for Curtains

There are plenty of reasons why Veri Shades can (and should) replace curtains in any home.

1. Veri Shades are more functional.

Curtains have always been a staple in every home because they add colour and enhance the decor within the room. They are stylish, but they also serve the function of blocking daylight from outside the window. However, there are just two options for controlling curtains — open or closed. 

Veri Shades offer more options than curtains because they are more versatile in their functionality. The fabric acts like blinds, but it is soft and flowing like curtains. It can fully block the light if you opt for the blockout fabric options, or diffuse the light and make it just perfect for the room.

2. Veri Shades are innovative.

There’s something you can’t do with curtains, and that is to control the light levels depending on the sun’s position or the amount privacy you want in the moment. 

Veri Shades allow this, and the folds can be opened half way to filter the light. They can also be drawn to provide maximum daylight. The fabric makes it possible for the users to have control over it, so it can be translucent or opaque, depending on the need. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the 100% polyester fabric is resistant to fading and has ultraviolet protection. That makes them a perfect option for your sun facing windows or sliding doors.

3. Veri Shades are well-designed.

Unlike curtains, Veri Shades don’t take up much room because they only use a single track. There are also no cords or chains involved, so don’t worry about pets or children getting tangled. Operate them easily with the twist wand and tilt the blades open or closed. There’s also the motorised option allowing full control with the touch of a button, or even via voice command, for the smart home enthusiasts. 

Additionally, they are easy to clean because the fabric can be unhooked and taken down, allowing them to be commercially cleaned or hand-washed when the need arises.

4. Veri Shades are stylish.

Veri Shades can create an look elegant and stylish look in any home or office space. There are four fabrics to choose from, namely, Standard, Net, Mist and Autumn, with around 6 colours each. These fabrics give different degrees of light, depending on where it is going to be used. 

Track options and various colours are also available, making them fully customisable. It’s best to fit Veri Shades about 10 cm past the left and right edges of your windows or doors to avoid any potential light gaps on the sides.

5. Veri Shades are modern.

Veri shades are much more modern than curtains, while shutters and blinds might as well be things of the past. Veri shades are revolutionising window furnishing, and it is time to get on board. They are becoming more popular in Australian homes for a good reason. 

For one, Veri Shades offer a sleek look that performs the function of blinds in a much better, visually appealing way. Another reason is because it is easy to walk through them as they simply fall back into place. As such, they can even be placed in areas with high foot traffic and are suitable for investment properties too.

Know More About Veri Shades

The soft fabric hangs beautifully, whether they’re opened or closed – they just sway out of the way and settle back perfectly. This makes them perfect for creating a soft feature across a large opening. Veri Shades can span up to six metres.

If you’re still not sold, try and visualise it in your house. Veri Shades are sure to keep your place looking beautiful while serving its purpose, and that is priceless.