Outdoor Awnings: The Best Options For Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor awnings are a great way to make your outdoor space better for hanging out. They give you shade and keep you dry when it’s raining, plus they make your yard look nicer. But, picking the right awning can be tough because there are so many choices out there.

That’s why we put together all the info you need to pick the best awning for your place. We’ll tell you about the good things awnings do, how long they last, and the best types for what you need.

Here at Watson Blinds, we’re all about giving you the best awnings that add both style and usefulness to your home. Whether you want one that pulls back, stays put, or moves with a motor, we have lots of options for you. Keep reading to learn more about our awnings and how they can make your outdoor area even better.

Why Is It Called An Awning?

Some dictionaries suggest that the word ‘awning’ was first used in a nautical context back in the 17th century. With that said, however, the etymology of the word is still up for debate. 

How Much Is A Good Awning?

When you’re looking to buy a good awning, the prices can really change depending on a few things. These include how big the awning is, what it’s made of, and the style.

A good quality awning can cost you anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, so it is difficult to determine an average price. Keep in mind, however, that a more expensive awning is likely to be of a higher-quality and have a longer lifespan than cheaper alternatives. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Awnings?

One thing to keep in mind when you are in the market for a good awning is how susceptible the product might be to bad weather conditions. Poor quality awnings may be more vulnerable to damage in the case of thunderstorms, high winds or heavy rain. You may also need to maintain and clean your awnings regularly to ensure they do not develop any mould or mildew from being exposed to the elements. For this reason, weekly cleaning and regular re-sealing is always a good idea. 

Another consideration to keep in mind is the possibility of retractable awnings, as these can be tucked away when the weather becomes too tumultuous. Even retractable awnings should be regularly cared for and maintained, however, to ensure the longest possible lifespan and continued use over the years. 


What Is The Average Price For A New Awning?

As mentioned, the cost of awnings is greatly varied across different awning types, materials, and specifications. You can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the type of awning you wish to purchase. 

What Is The Best Awning In High Winds?

Generally, retractable awnings are the best for high winds because they can be retracted during storms. However, non-retractable awnings will also do the job if they are made from robust and durable fabric. At Watson Blinds, our Semina retractable awnings are the perfect choice for high winds; they have very high tension force which keeps the fabric in place even during stormy conditions.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of Awnings?

Generally, a high-quality awning made from durable materials like metal or acrylic can last for around 10-15 years or more with proper maintenance. Cheaper awnings made from lower-quality materials may have a shorter lifespan. At Watson Blinds, our traditional window awnings come with a guarantee of up to 10 years.

Retractable Awnings

If you’re looking for retractable awnings to jazz up your outdoor space and allow you to enjoy it all year round, look no further than our range of retractable awnings from Watson Blinds. You can read more about the different types of retractable awnings we offer below. 

- Semina Weinor Awning

Semina by Weinor is a fabulous outdoor awning that was designed to keep you safe from the sun’s rays and protected from the heat no matter the time of year. These awnings do a great job of creating the perfect space for relaxation and are often used in entertainment spaces like patios, balconies, or gardens. 

The awning is retractable to give you versatility and allow you to tuck it away in bad weather. It is also a German-crafted product, promising beautiful aesthetics, high quality, and the utmost functionality. You cannot go wrong with the Semina Weinor.


The Semina by Weinor also comes with a low-noise LongLife arm. This arm has a high-tension force that helps keep the fabric in position even during windy conditions, which means you are guaranteed durability and longevity. These awnings also come with a 10-year guarantee to give buyers peace of mind. 

– Sintesi Retractable Roof

The Sintesi Retractable Roof system is another innovative and versatile solution for your home. It offers ample protection from the sun, wind, and rain, enabling you to enjoy your outdoor spaces no matter what the weather conditions are like. This awning boasts a sleek and modern Italian design as well as retractability, so can extend your outdoor living space as needed and create a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors. 

One of the most impressive features of the Sintesi Retractable Roof system is its ability to withstand strong winds. These hardy awnings can handle up to 102 km/ph without breaking position, ensuring you are always protected and comfortable even in the harshest of weather conditions. Moreover, the Sintesi Retractable Roof system can be installed without any development approval or paperwork, making it a hassle-free piece of functional decor. 

The Sintesi was also designed to be visually aesthetic with its discreet gutters and downpipes. These help channel water away from the roof and blend seamlessly into the design to prevent any eyesores. Available in a range of colours, styles and fabrics, all of which are 100% waterproof, these awnings promise maximum protection against rain and other weather elements.

The Sintesi Retractable Roof system is also a great solution for commercial spaces like restaurants, cafes, and bars. They allow business owners to provide their customers with an enjoyable outdoor dining experience all year round.

Folding Arm Awnings

Another excellent awning to add to your outdoor space is the coveted Folding Arm awnings. These adjustable awnings offer plenty of protection from the elements while adding some stylishness and comfort to the area. We have a great selection of Folding Arm awnings for you to choose from, including the Discus, Stratos I, Stratos II, Stratos III,  Eco and Toga Awnings.

No matter what time of year it is, you can enjoy your outdoor spaces with any one of our folding awnings. 

One of the main attractions when it comes to these awnings is their ability to be adjusted, offering consumers plenty of versatility. Simply pull the awning back when you want to enjoy the sunshine, or extend it forward to get as much shade as you need.  

No matter the weather, folding arm awnings offer ample protection from the sun. This also makes them ideal for commercial settings like outdoor restaurants and cafes, or swimming pool areas where guests may require some shade. 

Another advantage of folding arm awnings is that their mechanisms are well concealed from the outside. All the bits and pieces are tucked into the casing, which means none of the brackets or fixings are visible. This gives folding arm awnings a lovely, seamless look. 

At Watson Blinds, we offer our customers both the manual and motorised versions of folding arm awnings to give you a choice of how you would like to control them. This makes the products simple to operate without any hassle, even in gusty wind conditions. 

Our folding arm awnings also come with low-noise LongLife arms that have high tension, ensuring they will stay in position even during the windiest of days. This gives them plenty of stability and helps them maintain their structural integrity over the years. 

Fixed Outdoor Awnings

If retractable and folding awnings are not your style, Watson Blinds has you covered with plenty of great products to extend your outdoor spaces. 


Cassita II By Weinor

With the Casita II By Weinor, you can rest easy knowing that your awning will last you for years to come. With its cutting-edge German engineering and excellent design, this product is a fabulous addition to any outdoor space. It has a flat and oval-shaped design with a slim cassette for the utmost longevity. For those of you who value durability, this awning will prove functional and versatile year after year. 

Beyond its durability and practicality, the Cassita II is also stylish and aesthetically appealing with built-in LED lighting. This helps create a cosy ambiance that is perfect for evening gatherings with friends and family. 

Canopy Awnings

At Watson Blinds, we also offer a diverse selection of canopy awnings to choose from. From our Dutch Hoods and Cupola Awnings to our Door Canopies, there truly is something for everyone. Each product offers something unique in terms of its function and aesthetic.

You can purchase our canopy awnings in a variety of different sizes and colours that are customised and tailored just for you and your precise specifications. With their flexible design, you can also easily attach them above your windows or doors, as well as any walkways where you may require weather protection. 

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What Type Of Awning Is Best?

There is no one ‘best’ type of awning as each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the best type for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. That said, retractable and arm-folding awnings are a good choice if you want flexibility, whereas fixed awnings are better if you want a more permanent setup. Motorised awnings are also a fantastic choice for easy extension and retraction with the push of a button.