Why Visit a Showroom When The Same Experience Can Come To You

Explore our virtual showroom and enjoy full control of product colours and fabrics too

We know that any precious time you have left over from the week is better spent with loved ones, and perhaps doing your favourite recreational activity..  We also know full well just how uninviting the winters can be for personally visiting a showroom, especially when a hot coco, TV and
snuggly blankets are the alternative. Standing around waiting for your turn to talk to a consultant on busy weekends is also probably not on top of your list.

So why come to the showroom, when the showroom can come to you? Discover our full range of products, their uses and features, with the option of changing fabrics on the fly for the best match. All right at your fingertips.

Virtual showroom

How to navigate the room

So you’ve entered the virtual showroom. What next?

Exploring of course. And we’re going to show you how to do just that. Just think of yourself as an avatar in a simulated environment, like in a game!

You’ll start off from the entrance, and be greeted by a Welcome video. You can watch this for an introduction, or if you want to skip directly to the product you’re after, click on the arrow down on your left and you’ll see a menu of product areas to select from.

You can also ‘walk’ by simply clicking on the blue and white circles on the floor.
To ‘turn’, press and hold down your mouse arrow and drag left or right to turn in the desired direction.

Video tutorial/ explanations

Let Ashlee take you through the details on each of our product offerings. Click on the blue circles to get more detailed info on our products.

Meet Ashlee, our interior design consultant featured in the videos who will take you through the details of each of our product selections. Learn more about the features, benefits and use cases for each product type, by clicking on the blue circles. This will also take you to the specific product pod.

Virtual showroom
Virtual showroom

Colour Selectors

Explore some of our colour options using the colour selector link Available on our Honeycomb and Roman Blinds, Venetian, Vertical and Single / Double Roller Blinds, as well as Outdoor Blinds.

Find your favourite product in your favourite colours with the help of the colour selector link. 

Shortcut bar at the bottom

Our highlight shortcuts allow you to quickly navigate through our different product areas. Click on the arrow on the bottom left hand corner of the page to open the highlights bar and quickly explore our range.

Make use of our highlight shortcuts which will allow you to quickly and efficiently navigate through our different product areas.

Simply click on the arrow on the bottom left-hand corner of the page to open the highlights bar, and start exploring our range.

Virtual showroom

Why Choose Watson

A Perfect Match For Your Home

Innovative designs coupled with superior technology and a variety of fabric and colour options means our indoor and outdoor range can be matched with any home and your design vision. Enhanced versatility including customisation lets you tailor your needs as per your budget, taste and lifestyle. 

Over 50 Years’ Experience

Over the years we’ve served over 67,000 homes within the region and we’ve certainly learnt a thing or two about exactly whichproducts work best for our Australian conditions. We’ve adapted with the times and been able to continuously offer high quality products and services across 3 generations of our family business. 

Only Local Service Team In The Region

Did you know we are still the only blinds,curtains and awnings/ shutters factory to manufacture locally? So if for some reason you experience an issue with your product, we’ll most likely be able to fix it for you ourselves instead of having you wait for months while the product is sent back to its manufacturer. 

Peace of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind with generously long-term warranties of up to 10 years for some products, with the option of extended warranties too. We also offer a structural warranty of up to 20 years, fabric warranty of up to 10 years, and even a guarantee on your installation for up to 2 years for outdoor

In-Home Expertise You Can Trust

Our customer consultants have a wealth of experience and will guide you along the way to creating the home you love. Take the first step and request an appointment with a local adviser.