Vertilux Pleated & Softshade Blinds

“For easy year-round comfort.”

Vertilux Pleated & Softshade Blinds help you to ensure your home remains comfortable all year round by reducing glare, providing insulation against hot and cold conditions and offering increased privacy. As Pleated Blinds don’t need to operate vertically, they’re a great option for difficult spaces such as over skylights.

Vertilux Pleated & Softshade Blinds are made from an anti-static fabric to repel dust and dirt and our fabric options also provide protection against heat and glare to reduce UV damage to upholstery and fittings. Pleated Blinds also allow you to see out while no-one outside can see in, offering both superior privacy and increased security. With a large range of colours, fabrics and transparencies, we can create a customised look for every window.