roman blinds
What Fabric Should You Choose For Your Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds can give your space an instant makeover thanks to their unique design and style. Factor in a wide range of colours, patterns and fabrics to choose from, and you have yourself a winner.  Custom-made Roman blinds put the power in your hands. You can decide on the type of fabric you want, in […]

roman blinds
What Are the Benefits of Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds or shades as they’re also known, are a popular window furnishing in modern households. They expertly balance the fine line between classic and contemporary, and are a breath of fresh air. Ticking off both utility and aesthetics, they’re available in a wide variety of fabrics to suit all tastes. Additionally, you have the […]

Outdoor blinds
5 Things to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Blinds

It’s time for a face-off, between *drum roll* blinds vs. shades. Which one are you better off using as window furnishings? The jury’s out on this one. Most people automatically tend to assume that they’re one and the same. However, there are a few key traits that set them apart. To begin with, they both […]

blinds vs. shades
Blinds Vs. Shades- How to Make the Right Choice for Your Home

It’s time for a face-off, between *drum roll* blinds vs. shades. Which one are you better off using as window furnishings? The jury’s out on this one. Most people automatically tend to assume that they’re one and the same. However, there are a few key traits that set them apart.  To begin with, they both […]

honeycomb blinds
The Pros and Cons of Honeycomb Blinds

High energy costs are a recurring problem, and honeycomb blinds could help you control them. How? We’re glad you asked. Honeycomb blinds are the most thermally-efficient window furnishings around. They’re also a cost-effective option. You’ll find them available in both single, and double cell fabrics, and that they look very similar to another structure. If […]

Sheer curtains
5 Important Things You Should Know About Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains, also known as ‘sheers’ for short, are a staple in interior designing today. Made out of lightweight fabrics, it’s easy to see why. They go beyond the traditional scope of the curtain, allowing you to use them in a variety of creative ways. They also help you create ambience by manipulating light. Too […]

Roller blinds
6 Reasons to Choose Custom-made Blinds

If you’ve moved into your new home, you’re probably debating whether to go for custom-made blinds or retail. And as a key part of home décor, you naturally want to be sure they look nothing short of fantastic. But have you also considered functionality? What benefits are you hoping for from your custom-made blinds? The […]

Plantation Shutters
How to Choose Plantation Shutters for Sun and Heat

When it comes to controlling light and heat better, plantation shutters are right on top of the list. They’re especially recommended for rooms that can be challenging to keep cool, particularly during the hot Summer months. This includes rooms that face the South, or sunrooms. They’re stylish with a simplistic design, timeless, and add a […]

Cost-Effective Tips for Keeping Your Home Cooler in Summer

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about keeping your home cooler in the Summer when it rolls by this time around. Good on ya! Summer is a time for our famous barbies, dips in the pool and all kinds of fun in the sun. Aussie Summers can be scorchers though, and a time when most of the […]

sheer curtains
Sheer Curtains And Their Best Styles

Have you considered using sheer curtains to add some depth and sophistication to your spaces? Perhaps you’re looking for a little privacy without compromising on natural light or the views.  Enter sheer curtains. The fabric is designed to filter sunlight, which adds a sense of tailored luxury while maintaining discretion. They can be used all […]

4 Key Benefits of Outdoor Blinds

If you want to expand your living and entertaining spaces, why not bring the indoors outside with outdoor blinds?  Over the years, outdoor living has certainly taken centre stage when it comes to designing homes. Here in Australia, people love to live outdoors, and extending part of the home is common. However, we’re also known […]

Roller shutters
Reasons Why You Need Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are an undeniably popular feature in modern homes. But have you paused to think about what they are exactly, and what the fuss is all about? Well, let’s find out.  Simply put, roller shutters are external coverings to doors and windows. Typically made of metal, they’re rolled up/ down either with a control […]

Why You Need Vertical Blinds In Your South Coast Home

Ever wondered if there was a simple way to control the amount of light that enters your home? Maybe you’ve wished there was something you could do to keep the place warm and make your quarterly energy bills a bit more manageable? Well guess what – there is. You’ve most likely heard of Vertical Blinds. […]

Watson Blinds Batemans Bay: We Have A New Showroom!

Watson Blinds & Awnings first opened for business 52 years ago with a lonely shopfront and one employee. After fitting over 67,000 homes in the Canberra region with window furnishings, they’re expanding to Watson Blinds Batemans Bay – 34B Orient Street, to be exact. It might seem an unusual decision given the recent economic difficulties […]

Everything You Need To Know About Roller Shutters

If you’re looking for a way to take control of the amount of light that enters your home while preserving your privacy and comfort, look no further. Roller Shutters are the sturdier outside equivalent of Roller Blinds, helping to secure your property from intruders while adding to its curb appeal. They’ve got endless benefits, spanning […]

Just Roll With It: Why You Need Roller Blinds In Your Home

Looking to make some home improvements? Roller Blinds are a great way to go about it. If you’re not already aware, Roller Blinds are an interior window furnishing mounted either above or inside your window frame. You can either roll them down for full privacy, or roll them back up to enjoy the sunlight. In […]