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This is our bread and butter. We’ve got it all: Automatic Awnings, Wire-Guide, Fixed-Guide & Multistop Awnings.

Why Window Awnings

The Window Awning Collection is our basic awning range. It aims to provide a cost-effective solution to minimise the impact of Summer heat while reducing your energy bills. Some of the awnings in our collection include Automatic, Fixed-Guide, Straight-Drop and Pivot-Arm.

We’ve got a proven history of manufacturing & installing products to withstand even the harshest Aussie weather conditions. Our range offers a stylish, economic solution for your home that’ll stand the test of time and look great while doing it. 

Our Window Awnings will help you achieve ultimate protection by keeping the sun and heat away. They do this by limiting sunlight and thereby glare from your windows, in turn also protecting the interiors of your home from sun damage. Additionally, this means you get to significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency. They’ve been designed to suit the rugged Australian lifestyle, ensuring superior quality, durability and practicality.

We can also customise your window awnings to suit any shape and size of window, suiting your own unique requirements.

Automatic Window Awning

Stylish and Affordable Privacy and Sun Protection

You’d be forgiven for thinking this awning is motorised because of it’s name. Actually, the name is derived from the intelligent automatic locking system it comes with. For instance, in the event of heavy winds, they self-shut to protect themselves from damage. These awnings are perfect for blocking out the sun, without sacrificing on cool, fresh air. They’re also best suited to windows on the ground floor.

Window awnings
Window awnings

Fixed-Guide Window Awning

Functionality Meets Flexibility

If you’re looking for automated awnings for those hard-to-reach windows especially ones higher up, then Fixed-Guide awnings are the way to go. They don’t have locking arms, instead using a specialised mechanism which gives the awning flexibility to stop at any point without the help of a secured base rail. 

Aside from being ideal for windows on higher levels they also come with a host of control options, including spring, manual crank or automated. This means that you get to control them from the inside as the weather changes. Best of all, they allow for plenty of airflow between the fabric and the window.

Window awnings

Wire-Guide Awning

Our Wire-Guide Awning was designed with one thing in mind – shade.

With its neat, straight drop fitting style, the Wire Guide Awning is the perfect solution when you need strong weather cover without the hassle of bulky fixtures.

With high-tensile non-rust stainless steel cables, they’re in this for the long run – and we’ve got a range of fabrics and colour options to suit every space. 

Window awnings

Straight Drop Window Awning

Simple Elegance, Exceptional Weather Protection

The Straight Drop Awning is a traditional style that offers UV protection and increased airflow.

It is an entry level product for our Watson Awning Series, and is available in a range of fabrics and colours to suit your home and taste.  

Its fitting style makes it the perfect option when you need cover without the hassle of extra features, and is available with either manual or motorised operation. Ideal for those tight spaces where channels are not suitable.

Window awnings
Window awnings

Pivot Arm Awning

Keep Your Home Cool Without The High Energy Bills

A Pivot Arm Awning keeps heat out of your home – maintaining your comfort and saving you money on cooling by being energy-efficient.

The arms and fabric of a Pivot Arm Awning form an arc that allows air to flow behind the material, limiting the amount of hot air that can seep through your windows. They’re adjustable, meaning they can comfortably cover your entire window while allowing cool air to circulate throughout the home.  

The best part? When the weather cools down you can push them all the way back to make the most of the existing sunlight. 

Window awnings
Window awnings

Where Would You Use These Awnings

Simply, on your windows. These awnings are especially designed for windows, providing exceptional insulation properties. They work well with any window, including on multi-storey properties depending of course, on what awning you choose. As they’re available in a wide range of fabric colours and patterns, you can match them to suit any theme.

Book an appointment with our local experts today and find out how our Window Awnings can improve the way you live and make use of your home.

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Window awnings
Window awnings
Window awnings
Window awnings
Window awnings

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