Dress Your Doors With The Honeycomb Glideshift

We Love Honeycomb Blinds So Much, We Made Them Horizontal!

Stunning Practicality For Every Room In The House

Like all Honeycomb Blinds, the Glideshift boasts incredible insulating properties. Stabilise the temperature of a space without compromising on style.

The Art Of Energy Efficiency - By Our Very Own Honeycomb Glideshift

We’re really proud of our Honeycomb Glideshift. You get the same warmth in Winter and cool in Summer thanks to using the same fabric as those of our Honeycomb blinds. The only difference, is that it’s designed for horizontal applications!

Cover the entire expanse of a sliding door with one blind; or use two, for the floor-to-ceiling window that opens onto your backyard deck. Each side can be operated separately with a handle; no pesky cords, chains, or wands to fiddle with. Who can be bothered right?

It creates a beautiful look, combined with lasting durability & simple operation. Trust us, you’ll love it. 

Experience the crème de la crème of blinds with the versatility of Honeycomb blinds, complete with a convenient Glideshift Control. Smart blinds? What sorcery is this?!

Designed to offer stunning practicality for any and every space, the Glideshift boasts incredible insulating properties. It’s all the same, except they work horizontally!


Why Choose Our Honeycomb Glideshift


Design Options

Arena Honeycomb Shades are now available with Glideshift; a specially designed control option for use with sliding and patio doors, as well as wide expanses.

Here are 4 design options to choose from, to suit all types of door openings or spaces:

Side Stack: A single direction movement (left or right)

Day-Night: A combined block-out and sheer solution for light and privacy control

Split Stack: A dual system with moving centre rails from centre to edge

Travelling Centre Stack: Ease of movement; left or right, for complete or partial opening from either edge

Where Would You Use These Blinds

Clean, minimalistic yet hardworking, our Honeycomb Glideshift is truly a work of art. Here are some common areas where they are popularly used:

Their easy glide trait means you don’t need to get tangled in a web of cords, on top of this, you can also choose which direction they should operate in;
can they BE any more versatile? Doubtful.

We’ll let you decide for yourself, but in the meantime, we simply can’t wait for you to experience it. Book an appointment with our local experts today.

Find Your Inspiration

Honeycomb Glideshift
Honeycomb Glideshift
Honeycomb Glideshift
Honeycomb Glideshift
Honeycomb Glideshift
Honeycomb Glideshift
Honeycomb Glideshift

Select From Our Wide Range Of Fabrics & Colours

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Int Fabric Hadley Blockout Aged Brass 20mm

Hadley Single Cell 20mm Blockout

Int Fabric Hadley Trans Vintage Lace 20mm

Hadley Single Cell 20mm Translucent

Gravel Wash Harlem Blockout 20mm

Harlem Single Cell 20mm Blockout

TUR Harlem20 20mmSingleCell Translucent WhiteFeather 270x230

Harlem Single Cell 20mm Translucent

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