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Discover The All Weather Watson Louvre Opening Roof System

Enhance and use your outdoor entertaining areas every season because Watson Louvre Roof is as changeable as the weather at the touch of a button.


Energy Efficient

Corrosion resistant

10 Year Warranty

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With over 54 Years Experience, Rest Assured, You’re in Good Hands.

Peace Of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind with generously long-term warranties of up to 10 years for some products, with the option of extended warranties too.

All of our  products at Watson have also been designed and tested to comply with strict Australian standards and industry regulations.

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We bring our showroom to you and all our in-home consultations are completely free of cost or obligation.

Not sure what you’re after? No problem, our expert consultants will take their time and guide you step-by-step through our range to find exactly the right product for your home.

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When you choose Watson Blinds & Awnings, you choose to support local jobs and the local community by buying direct from one of the only manufacturers in the region.

As a family owned and operated business, staying true to our roots is important to us because it means we always remain grounded in our customers’ needs. We employ over 100 local staff in the region with collective industry experience of over 250 years, so rest assured, you’re in good hands.


Year-Round Weather Solution

Transform and utilise your outdoor entertainment spaces throughout every season, courtesy of W atson Louvre Roof– a dynamic solution that adapts just like the weather, at your command.

Exceptional Endurance and Longevity

Watson Louvre Roof presents an exceptional alternative to steel and other outdoor materials, boasting remarkably low rates of corrosion in aluminium. Its enduring nature ensures a prolonged lifespan, safeguarding your investment against the elements.

Optimised Energy Efficiency

Harnessing the superior thermal conductivity properties of aluminium, Watson Louvre Roof outperforms steel by reflecting light. This innate ability to reflect light aids in maintaining a cooler ambience during the summer months. Additionally, the aluminium louvres or fabric roofs, when closed, effectively trap warmth indoors. This unique attribute makes Watson Louvre roofing systems an ideal choice for winter, effectively curbing the need for excessive heating.

Strength Paralleling Steel, Yet Exceptionally Lightweight and Flexible

With comparable strength to steel, aluminium exhibits a substantial advantage by being approximately 25% lighter. This, combined with its heightened flexibility, positions Watson Louvre Roof as a formidable contender for various applications.

Contemporary Aesthetics and Sensibility

Watson Louvre Roof Roofing Systems effortlessly blend modernity with timeless appeal, harmonising seamlessly with residential and commercial projects alike. The product exudes a sleek and polished appearance, often regarded by architects as a natural choice for infusing long-lasting style and value into ventures of any scale.

Unwavering Durability, Remarkable Value

Enriched with steel-like strength and a built-in resistance to corrosion, Watson Louvre roofing systems stand resilient against the test of time. Their enduring design translates to minimal maintenance requirements, ensuring years of functional excellence. Every roofing solution is meticulously tailored to ensure a perfect fit, a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Opening Louvre Roof Systems For Smarter Living

Blend indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly, embracing both your mornings and evenings in perfect harmony. Step into the realm of Watson Louvre Opening Roofs – the forefront innovator in Australia’s opening roof systems. By fusing the finest attributes of indoor and outdoor living, we offer you and your family a haven of relaxation and well-being.

Here at Watson Louvre Opening Roofs, we hold a deep understanding of how your surroundings intricately shape your living experience, enhancing its quality. Our extensive selection comprises impeccable opening roof systems, retractable roof solutions, and louvre roof installations, all designed to bridge the gap between your property and its natural surroundings.

Why Choose Watson Louvre Roof System

Adds Value To Your Property

Integrate elegance and practicality to your property through our louvre systems, featuring distinct pergola roof designs. Our aluminium roofing solutions imbue your property with a remarkable allure.

Watson Louvre roof systems offer versatility, energy efficiency, and sophistication, elevating your home’s value.

Smart Louvre Roofing Solution

Our louvre roof boasts trapezoidal blades, skillfully engineered for a watertight roofing system. These blades sport a flat bottom coupled with a sloping top, guaranteeing efficient roof drainage.

The blade’s design harmoniously blends the retractable roof with any conventional ceiling. As a result, installing Watson Louvre Opening Roofs is a straightforward and uncomplicated process.

Tailored to Suit Your Requirements

Personalise the louvre systems according to your preferences. Interested in a retractable roof system featuring a flat design? Or perhaps you lean towards sloping skillion roofs, opening roofs with box frames, tapered roof designs, and more.

Furthermore, our range of louvre systems comes in a variety of colours, ensuring a seamless integration with your home’s architecture and style.

Exceptional Lighting Management

With the ability to rotate up to 130 degrees, the blades of Watson Louvre  Opening Roofs grant you unparalleled control over lighting and shading, allowing you to tailor it precisely to your requirements.

Moreover, these roofs are equipped with an integrated lighting system that enables you to craft the perfect ambience for your gatherings, functions, and various events.

Crafted for Longevity

Our louvre roof systems are meticulously crafted using premium-grade aluminium to ensure enduring performance.

The powder-coated extruded construction further guarantees the roof’s resilience against corrosion, regardless of fluctuating weather conditions and external elements.

Smart Control

We’ve seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technology into our roofing solutions, enhancing the modernity of our offerings for customers like you.

Our opening roof systems showcase state-of-the-art control mechanisms, enabling you to effortlessly manage the roof via remote control or a mobile app. You can even pre-set operating hours according to your preferred schedule.