Honeycomb Blinds: Everything You Need To know

Honeycomb blinds have grown in popularity in recent years thanks to their innovative design and energy-saving properties. Designed to take the traditional construction of blinds to a new level, honeycomb blinds have many unique features that make them ideal in both homes and businesses. 

In this article, to help you make an informed purchase, we are going to discuss exactly what honeycomb blinds are and how you might benefit from them. From their interesting design and construction to their versatility and unique aesthetic, honeycomb blinds are a wonderful choice for your window furnishings. We will touch on each of these points to give you all the information you need before buying your next set of blinds.

Are Honeycomb Blinds Any Good?

Honeycomb blinds are absolutely worth the investment when you consider their insulation properties. Within the honeycomb cells there are individual air pockets that are able to trap both warm and cool air. Moreover, the air pockets can also prevent noise from travelling through windows and into your interior. This means that honeycomb blinds can effectively cool the room in summer, warm it up in winter, and muffle any annoying noises coming from the outside world too. 

What Is The Difference Between Honeycomb And Cellular Blinds?

If you are wondering what the difference is between honeycomb blinds and cellular blinds, they are in fact the same product. When viewed from the side, the openings on each pleat are hexagonal-shaped, hence the name ‘honeycomb blinds.’ These are also referred to as ‘cellular blinds’ because each pocket or pleat can be considered a ‘cell.’

What Is Their Purpose?

The main purpose of honeycomb blinds is to provide insulation in both hot and cool weather. It is for this reason that honeycomb blinds are designed with their cell-like structure. Honeycomb blinds were also designed as an upgrade to the more traditional blind design to give consumers a more benefit-driven product that does more than simply keep the light out of the room.

Are Honeycomb Blinds More Expensive?

Honeycomb blinds do tend to be slightly more expensive than other window furnishings like curtains and traditional blinds. However, there is no doubt that these innovative blinds are worth the slightly higher cost. Not only are they incredibly functional with their top-down and bottom-up adjustability, they also provide far more versatility than other window covering options on the market. 

More than that, honeycomb blinds are made from high-quality fabric and durable materials that are built to last. They are also incredibly simple to care for and maintain, making them an attractive purchase despite their higher price point. With multiple fabric options and a choice between translucent and block-out fabrics, there are so many reasons to choose honeycomb blinds over other alternatives.

What Are Their Disadvantages?

As fantastic as honeycomb blinds are, they are not without their own set of disadvantages. Unlike traditional blinds, honeycomb blinds can get dusty within those air pockets we mentioned. That means you will have to get compressed air in order to blow out the dust in the cells. This is not particularly complicated, but it does tend to deter some potential buyers. 

Honeycomb blinds also tend to be a little heavier than other window furnishings. Luckily, when you purchase them from a provider like us, you will not have to worry about doing any of the installation on your own. We will send our team of Watson Blinds technicians right to your door to handle the installation process seamlessly and in a professional manner. 

Can You See Through Honeycomb Blinds At Night?

The answer to this question all depends on the type of honeycomb blinds you decide to purchase. At Watson Blinds, our range includes both translucent varieties and blockout varieties. With translucent fabrics, some light will filter through. With the blockout fabrics, however, no one can see in and light will be kept out. 

For these reasons, the blockout honeycomb blinds are very popular for those consumers who prioritise privacy above all else.

Do Honeycomb Blinds Get Dusty?

Unfortunately, like any object at home or at work, dust collects on honeycomb blinds. That said, however, no window furnishing is completely dust-free. Plus, as mentioned, all it takes to clean honeycomb blinds is a bit of canned air. They do get dusty, of course, but cleaning them is not particularly difficult or time-consuming.

Are Honeycomb Blinds Hard To Keep Clean?

If you are worried about any nasty spills or stains on your honeycomb blinds, there is no need to worry. You can simply wipe them down or dab them with a damp cloth to lift the liquid out of the fabric. Once the stain or liquid has been removed, be sure to dry them off with another dry cloth, too. The important thing to remember is that these are no more difficult or easy to clean than other window furnishings. The difference, rather, is in their features and properties. 

Do Honeycomb Blinds Keep Cold Out?

Honeycomb blinds are far more effective at insulation than any other option on the market. These blinds are an excellent buffer for cold air, but it is important to remember that they are not able to keep out the cold entirely. The air pockets will trap some air inside the blinds, which will keep the warmth from seeping out of your interior.

Honeycomb Blinds Reviews: Australia

At Watson Blinds, our customers are thrilled with their honeycomb blinds and other products we have provided. In particular, they have mentioned how seamless the installation process was thanks to our professional and expert team. One customer wrote, “Also very happy with the friendly, efficient and competent installation by the team!”


We always put our best foot forward to meet the needs of our clients and provide a pleasant experience. You can always expect excellent service from Watson Blinds. In fact, one review reads, “Prompt follow-up, even with supply delays. On-time for appointments and we are very happy with products and installation.”

Finally, our consultants are some of the best in the business, as one client wrote “I’ve purchased blinds and am halfway through the purchase of security screens. I’ve found my experience to be smooth sailing from the consultant stage to the end. After-sales service has also been helpful. I’m very satisfied with the services…” All you have to do is book an appointment and one of our customer consultants will guide you along the way, visit your home, and provide expert recommendations to meet your needs.

Honeycomb Blinds Australia

Watson Blinds is a proudly Australian company with showrooms in Canberra, Wollongong, Nowra, Batemans Bay, and Wagga. We’ve been in the business of blinds, awnings, curtains, and shutters for over 50 years and all of our products are manufactured in Canberra, Australia. Our clientele absolutely love our honeycomb blinds, as they provide the perfect combination of style, function and durability.

Following our core values of quality, integrity, ease and experience, we always go above and beyond for our clients. We also employ over one hundred people, doing our best to support the local economy. In fact, many of our employees have been with us for 30 or 40 years! Rather than manufacturing overseas to increase profits, we love giving back to our community. We insist on local products and always put our people first.


As mentioned, Watson Blinds offers a wide range of honeycomb blinds in a variety of styles, colours, and fabrics to suit any décor, all of which can be custom-made to your specifications. 

In our range you will find both single-celled honeycomb blinds and double-celled options. If you are wondering which option is better for you, keep in mind that double-celled options offer double the insulation. We also offer our customers both translucent fabrics and the light-blocking kind to give you plenty of choice when it comes to how much light you want to let into the room. 

One of the main reasons why our honeycomb blinds are so popular is because of their energy efficiency. As any Australian will know, air conditioning units can contribute hefty costs to our electricity bills at the end of the month. 

Luckily, those bills are a little less dramatic thanks to honeycomb blinds. When your house is a little cooler thanks to your insulating blinds, you can rest easy knowing that you are saving money on energy production in the long-run. 

Another reason our Australian customers are big fans of our blinds is because the fabric used is of the highest quality. Not only is the fabric incredibly durable and hard-wearing, it also has UV-resistant properties that will keep your blinds from fading over time. Naturally, the UV-resistance is also a big help in keeping you protected from too much sun exposure. Whether you are using honeycomb blinds in a residential or commercial context, UV-resistance is a big draw. 

Here at Watson Blinds, we take great pride in our selection of honeycomb blinds; particularly our customisation offerings which our customers love. Thanks to our expert consultants and experienced technicians, we always ensure that your blinds are perfectly tailored to you and your needs and fit your windows perfectly. You can also chat to our consultants to figure out exactly which style, colour and variety of honeycomb blind is right for you. 

As mentioned, our honeycomb blinds are built to last. However, if for some reason, you do come across any issues, you can count on our products’ Limited Lifetime Guarantees! Our guarantees exist to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction and we take great care to address any quality issues with professionalism and a smile. Watson Blinds will happily address any of your concerns over our products. Just give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. 

Now that you know virtually everything there is to know about the world of honeycomb blinds, it is time to choose the perfect style and colour for your home or business. You can peruse our selection of products on our website or visit one of our showrooms to chat to us in person! We have showrooms in Canberra, Wagga, Nowra, Batemans Bay and Wollongong. 

If you would like to save money on your energy bills, reduce irritating noise pollution indoors or simply re-do your windows with brand new, aesthetically-designed honeycomb blinds, do not hesitate to get in touch. At Watson Blinds, we are dedicated to giving you a great customer experience and providing you with the perfect window furnishings to meet your needs.