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Designed specifically for skylights, the honeycomb feature is especially beneficial as skylight windows can allow a lot of heat to enter or escape a room.

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Sizes  (Based on type of fabric): Up to 1610mm (Width) x 2500mm (Height) 

What Are Skylight Honeycomb Blinds?

Skylight honeycomb blinds are a stylish, practical, and energy-efficient window covering solution for controlling light and temperature through skylight windows. Perfect for any skylight, our blinds can also be cordless for easy operation, providing a sleek, uncluttered look.


Why Choose Watson Skylight Honeycomb Blinds?



Frequently Asked Questions

Skylight blinds and shades stand out as optimal solutions for covering skylight (roof) windows.

When picking blinds or shades for skylight windows, consider these points:

  • Which way the window faces (south, north, east, or west).
  • The type of blinds (like tubular, with air vents, or non-opening).
  • If your window is just for looking out or if it opens and closes.

Heat is lost or gained through glass when there’s a temperature difference. By placing a protective layer, like a skylight blind, over the window, you physically block hot air from touching the cold glass surface, thereby decreasing the amount of heat that escapes.

Absolutely! Skylight shades, especially Skylight Honeycomb Blinds, can contribute to energy savings.

They manage the heat flow into and out of your home, helping maintain a consistent temperature, avoiding excessive cold in winter or heat in summer. This insulation effect can lessen the reliance on air-conditioning or fans in warmer months and vice versa, effectively reducing energy costs.