Australia’s First & Only Self-Correcting Retractable Awning

Introducing The Watson Xtreme - The Outdoor Blind That Can Withstand Up To 140km Winds!
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With A Watson Xtreme, You’re Always Ready To Entertain. 

If you live in Australia, you’ll know that our weather can be a little unpredictable at times.
We’ve all been there. Your visitors are due on the doorstep at any moment – but the temperature’s suddenly dropped and it’s looking like it might rain.

Or worse…everyone has taken their seats out on the deck, but the harsh glare from the sun is making it impossible to relax.
It helps to make sure your outdoor living spaces are ready for anything. Don’t worry – with a Watson Xtreme, you can.

The Watson Xtreme has a patented Self-Tensioning Magnetic Track system. This allows the retractable awning fabric to move slightly within its channel while remaining taut, even as it is buffeted by wind pressure.

Some retractable awnings struggle to withstand high winds or extreme weather conditions. The fabric skin becomes strained and they end up sagging, jamming, or coming apart entirely.

For you, this means repeated service calls, ongoing costs and a lack of confidence in your outdoor blind. With a Watson Xtreme retractable awning, you can do away with headaches and enjoy your outdoor spaces year-round, knowing that your magnetic awning can withstand gale forces of up to 140km/h!

Watson Xtreme


When you install a retractable awning over your window or outdoor area, you’re protecting your family from harmful UV radiation and unpleasant weather. The Watson Xtreme takes that protection to the next level.

Helping to regulate temperature and airflow within your outdoor spaces, it’ll keep you comfortable while reducing your electricity bills. Because the fabric skin effortlessly slides back into the channel if dislodged, you no longer need to worry about damage or injury if your little ones run into the awning!

The plastic trim along the inner channels means that you can extend and retract the fabric almost silently, for smooth and easy operation. Increased pressure absorption means that the outdoor blind fabric will automatically retain its original shape, without any unsightly pilling or rippling.

The benefits of the magnetic retention system aren’t just functional – they’re cosmetic. The Xtreme has no visible bolts or fixings, giving it a sleek, streamlined appearance and adding real value to your property. Plus, with our vast selection of fabrics, you’re sure to find a combination that suits both your home’s existing decor and your own personal taste!

When you add a Watson Xtreme retractable awning to your outdoor area, you’re actually creating an extra living space – and adding instant value to your home in the process. It’s a great investment, and with the awning’s long-lasting chrome-plated componentry, it’s one that will stand the test of time.

If you’d like to see how the Watson Xtreme would look in your outdoor spaces, we offer free home consultations. We can walk you through the process and find a solution to suit you. Book one through the link below, and we’ll give you a voucher to use on the Xtreme or any other product of ours that catches your eye:


Don’t let your deck or patio go to waste for one more day. Grab your $300 voucher and turn your outdoor space into a dream living area all year round!