Enjoy Year-Round Comfort With Pleated & Softshade Blinds

Increased Insulation, Increased Privacy.

Weather-Proof Your Living Spaces

Reduce glare, insulate against all conditions, and give yourself unbeatable privacy.

Pleated & Softshade Blinds

Our pleated & softshade blinds are real overachievers.

With a unique protective layer that cuts out harmful UV rays, they shield your fittings and upholstery from fading. Plus, though you’ll be able to see out, outsiders won’t be able to see in – giving you optimum privacy and security from them Peeping Toms.

With cellular pockets to trap heat, they’ll also stabilise your home’s temperature and provide you with excellent insulation all year round.

Unlike other blind options, they don’t require vertical operationThe pleated fabric is designed to sit flat on top of a window, making them neat and streamlined. The small stack height combined with minimal projection are key features to keep in mind.

This makes them a great fit for difficult spaces like a skylight. Made from a unique anti-static fabric that repels dust and dirt, Watson pleated blinds are also super low maintenance.


Why Choose Watson Pleated Blinds

For Easy Year-Round Comfort

Watson pleated & soft shade blinds are made from an anti-static fabric to repel dust and dirt. Our fabric options provide protection against heat and glare to reduce UV damage to upholstery and fittings. 

Pleated blinds allow you to have unfiltered views, while in turn hindering the view from outside, thereby offering superior privacy and increased security. With a large range of colours and fabrics, we can create a customised look for every window.


Where Would You Use These Blinds?

Have a home with funny spaces? Tired of forcing regular blinds to fit in?

Say hello to pleated blinds. They’re a great option for difficult spaces such as over skylights, inclined windows or doors.
Here are some common areas where they are popularly used:

We’ve got a huge range of fabrics in varying colours and transparencies, so you can bet that we’ll be able to create the perfect customised look for your window.
No sweat.
Book an appointment with our local experts today.


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