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Adjustable light control and privacy by allowing sunlight in from the bottom while insulating and maintaining discretion.

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Sizes (Based on type of fabric and operation: Up to 4210mm (Width) x 3660mm (Height)

What Are Bottom Up Honeycomb Blinds?

Bottom Up Honeycomb Blinds are perfect for situations where privacy is needed on the lower portion of a window while allowing the upper half to remain uncovered. These versatile blinds can be positioned at any level within the window to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for light-filtering qualities or complete blackout capability, bottom up cellular blinds can be
customised with either type of fabric.

Why Choose Watson Bottom Up Honeycomb Blinds?



Frequently Asked Questions

Bottom-Up blinds offer complete adjustability to meet your varying light and privacy requirements throughout the day and night. You can raise them from the bottom, lower them from the top, or simultaneously adjust from both ends.

Bottom-up blinds and shades excel at enhancing daytime screen visibility by offering greater control over incoming light. By allowing adjustments from either direction, they enable you to effectively block the sun’s rays at various times of the day.

With the use of subtle pulleys, pulling the cord downwards raises the blind, which can then be secured at any desired position on the window using a cleat (hook) to hold it in place. This mechanism allows you to stop and fix the blind at any preferred level.