day night cellular blinds
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Offers versatile light control and insulation, seamlessly transitioning from full privacy and light blockage to filtered natural light.

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Sizes (Based on type of fabric and operation: Up to 3660mm (Width) x 3600mm (Height)

What Are Day Night Honeycomb Blinds?

Day Night honeycomb/ cellular blinds combine two blinds on a single headrail, featuring a sheer top half for daytime visibility from within while preserving outside privacy, and a bottom half that offers nighttime privacy with either light-filtering or blackout options. Available in cordlock, cordless, chaindrive, and motorised models, these blinds are an ideal choice for locations needing daytime privacy without sacrificing thermal efficiency. They occupy less space compared to double roller blinds and offer the insulation that roller blinds lack.

Why Choose Watson Day Night Honeycomb Blinds?



Frequently Asked Questions

Day Night honeycomb blinds are innovative window coverings that offer flexibility in light control and privacy throughout the day. These blinds feature a dual-layer design on a single headrail: one layer is sheer, allowing natural light to enter the room and offering visibility from the inside during the day while maintaining privacy from the outside. The other layer is either light-filtering or blackout (blockout), providing complete privacy and light control for nighttime.

The “honeycomb” part of their name comes from the cellular structure of the blinds, which resembles a honeycomb. This design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, as the air trapped in the cells provides insulation. This helps to keep the room warmer in winter and cooler in summer, contributing to energy efficiency.

Day Night honeycomb blinds come with various operation options, including cordlock, cordless, chaindrive, and motorised systems, making them adaptable to different needs and preferences. This dual-functionality makes them an excellent solution for achieving the right balance of light, privacy, and thermal efficiency in a room, all while taking up less space than double roller blinds and offering better insulation than traditional roller blinds.

If the blinds are of the day/night variety, which combines sheer and blackout functionalities in one unit, adjusting them to the blackout portion during the night can provide both privacy and darkness. This dual design allows for light and visibility during the day while ensuring privacy and light control at night.

Day Night blinds offer a versatile window covering solution by combining adjustable light control and privacy into one system.

They feature a dual-layer design with a sheer or light-filtering section for daytime use that allows natural light in while maintaining privacy, and a blackout section for complete privacy and darkness at night.

This design not only enhances privacy and allows for customisable light control but also provides energy efficiency through its insulating honeycomb structure. Additionally, Day Night blinds save space by combining two functionalities on a single headrail and come with various operating options to suit different preferences.