Veri Shades: Everything You Need To Know

Whether it is for your family home, your apartment, or your office, Veri Shades are a fantastic invention that offers both the softness of curtains and the versatility of traditional blinds. Needless to say, this innovative new concept in window furnishings has Australians hooked. Also known as ‘The Clever Curtain,’ Veri Shades are a combination of curtains and blinds.

If you have an interest in Veri Shades and would like to know more about this product, this article is for you. We will break down everything there is to know about Veri Shades to help you make an informed decision, and get the best window furnishing for your needs. Below, you will discover the advantages of Veri Shades and what you can expect from them once installed.

veri shades

Are Veri Shades Worth It?

Veri Shades are absolutely worth it if you are looking for window furnishings that offer the benefits of both curtains and blinds. These window coverings allow you to easily control how the light filters into the room by twisting the wand (or simply pressing a button if you have chosen the motorised Veri Shades). You can also pull the shades completely open or allow light to filter through the panels instead. It is this versatility and functionality that make Veri Shades entirely worth it. 

Beyond their functionality, Veri Shades also have plenty of aesthetic appeal with their elegant fabric and draping. During the golden hours in particular, the strips of light they let in when open add a beautiful touch to any interior. For office spaces and living rooms alike, the quality of light control that Veri Shades provides is dependably dreamy. 

Of course, you do not have to let any light in at all. Our range of Veri Shades also includes darker colours like Slate and Charcoal for more private rooms of the house, or perhaps in a bright room where you might want to shut out the glare. Our blockout fabrics are also great for entertainment spaces like home cinemas or TV rooms. 

Another advantage of Veri Shades is their durability. Made from only the highest quality fabrics, our selections are not only hard-wearing, they come with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee. Our Veri Shades will continue to look sophisticated and elegant year after year, making them a great choice for the savvy shopper. 

You can purchase Veri Shades at different drop lengths, too; yet another way in which these window furnishings provide endless versatility. You can fit them to any window size you need to and they are also perfect for sliding doors in larger spaces. 

Another fantastic feature of Veri Shades is that they are completely silent. Thanks to their lack of weighted chains and clunky cords, these innovative shades are quiet even in windy weather.

How Much Is Veri Shade?

The cost of Veri Shades will vary depending on the size of your window and your precise needs. Generally speaking, they are somewhere in between the price of blinds and custom curtains. For a more accurate look at the cost, we recommend booking a free in-home consultation with our team at Watson Blinds. Our consultants have a wealth of experience and will guide you along the way. 


Are Veri Shades Blockout? 

While Veri Shades can’t block out light to give you a pitch-black room, they can certainly keep direct light at bay and make the room significantly darker. Made from a soft fabric with alternating opaque folds, you can turn the shade’s wand to let light filter in through the mesh fabric or turn it the other way for light blocking. You can even open them halfway to partially filter light! 

With a patented design that allows you to control light and privacy levels, Veri Shades offer the kind of customisation you simply can’t get from traditional blinds and curtains. You can adjust the fabric vanes to control how much light filters through, or draw the shades right back to let sunlight in, making them perfect for those who love natural light.

Can You Wash Veri Shades?

Veri Shades are made of an easy-care fabric that is resistant to both soiling and fading over time. That said, you can certainly wash them when you need to. Taking them down is simple and straightforward. Once down, each fold needs to be washed individually, or you can replace individual folds in a matter of seconds. 

Veri Shades Review

Veri Shades are an innovative window covering with all the aesthetic and practical value you need for either your home or business. No matter where you plan to use them, these unique shades have loads of functionality without compromising appearance or value. 

One of the main benefits of Veri Shades and the reason they have become so popular is their unique level of versatility. Veri Shades come in a range of colours and textures that can fit any home décor style. At Watson Blinds, we offer various colours like beige, white, ivory, slate, charcoal, and more. 

The composition of the Veri Shades is 100% Polyester Woven Fabric, which offers a soft and elegant appearance while being easy to maintain. This fabric is bonded with mesh, which provides privacy while still allowing light to filter through. The weight of the fabric is also just thick enough to provide insulation from heat and cold.


Veri Shades Near Me

If you are looking to purchase Veri Shades in Australia, Watson Blinds is a great choice for all your window furnishing needs. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we offer a wide range of high-quality blinds and curtains, including Veri Shades, that can add style and functionality to any room.

When it comes to purchasing Veri Shades from Watson Blinds, the process is straightforward and hassle-free. Start with our website, where you can view our diverse range of Veri Shades available to suit any home decor style. You can also choose between manual or motorised options, depending on your preferences.

Once you have chosen the perfect style and fabric for your ideal Veri Shades, we have made it convenient and simple to book an appointment with us via our website. All you have to do is fill out a short online form and someone from the Watson Blinds team will give you a call to schedule a date and a time for an appointment. Next, we send a team member to measure your windows and figure out the exact specifications you need. 

Once the installation is complete, it is time to enjoy the functionality and versatility of your very own Veri Shades. With light filtering controls at your fingertips and a beautiful, elegant window furnishing to add to your interior decor, you will not regret investing in these stunning shades. 

At Watson Blinds, we take great pride in providing our customers with tailored solutions and excellent service. You can always depend on a professional and timely installation service from our dedicated and experienced team. We also take care to ensure that there is minimal disruption to your day so we can get your Veri Shades installed as seamlessly as possible. 

From our excellent customer service team to our friendly and knowledgeable installers, we are ready to help you tailor your window furnishings to your tastes.