Choosing Contemporary Window Furnishings for Your Home

Re-styling your home is always a ball of fun. Stressful on occasion, sure, but still fun. The process immediately starts bringing in new energy and you feel invigorated. So changing things up every now and then is good for the mind and the soul. Narrowing it down to one thing can be a challenge, but if you’ve been thinking contemporary, then you’re in luck. We’re looking at choosing contemporary window furnishings and how to go about it.

‘Contemporary’ is a word that’s used across many things. From fashion to music and art, the list goes on, including of course contemporary interior design. But how much do we really know about what it means? When you decide to give your home a contemporary makeover, what does that really entail? Well, let’s take a look!

Simply put, contemporary styling is all about accentuating minimalistic features in a home. From the colour palette to window furnishings and furniture, every aspect is simplified and carefully thought of to balance each other. Nowadays, there’s a great deal of emphasis on this type of décor for its no-fuss persona, making it very popular.

If you thought this sounded a little boring and a little uniform, think again. Contemporary interior design is fluid, giving you freedom to customise and make it your own as it deals with the ‘right now’. So there’s a lot of room to play and experiment along the way, like investing in pieces that are fun hidden details and add character. The main focus here is on functionality, which means there’s less ‘fluff’ around, while remaining modern. Your window furnishings are a key part of this, so let’s see what your options are below.

1. Contemporary Blinds

Window furnishings really do tie a room together, and are often the finishing touch you need. And, while they’re very much decorative, they also serve functional purposes. Because of this, they’re really more an investment than just interior design pieces. Blinds are a great choice for contemporary window furnishings

Privacy and insulation as well as light control are the main deciding factors, and there are a range of contemporary blinds to choose from. While style plays a key role, in this instance it’s all about colour as mentioned above as well. Specifically, you need to look at neutral colours. So think greys, whites, blacks and beige to name a few. Bright, bold colours aren’t typical for contemporary window furnishings, however, a pop here and there is forgiven.

2. Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are fantastic for contemporary design. They consist of one piece of fabric which can be tailored according to the size of your window. Most notably, their sleek, streamlined silhouette is very much in line with this design aesthetic. They’re simple and straightforward, and come in a range of fabrics for your needs. You can opt for blockout for instance if you want something that completely keeps light out. Or, you could also opt for sunscreen or light filtering fabrics which beautifully filter light. It’s worth noting that sunscreen fabrics allow you to retain views to the outside, while light filter fabrics prevent views from the inside-out and vice versa. Both offer privacy from outsiders, with their specially formulated weaves which give you plenty of choice. 

Double-roller blinds are another great option if you’d like to have one of each. You can combine a blockout layer with a sunscreen/ light filter, which allows you to swap as you need. This is excellent for working with the different times of day which come with varying light levels.

3. Wooden Blinds

Wood is one of the most popular and widely used materials in a home, and especially in contemporary design. It’s loved for its natural warmth and beauty, and instantly creates a unique vibe. Wooden Venetian blinds could therefore be something to explore, in the interest of keeping things natural and simplistic. However, on the other hand, wood blinds come with maintenance as it can warp, peel and fade over time if neglected. Sanding, polishing and varnishing is key to maintaining its good looks, which most don’t really have time for. 

So a suitable alternative to this would be premium timber-look Venetian blinds. Made out of durable PVC, they can look exactly like the real deal. Provided of course, you get them from a reputable source. They don’t need all the maintenance wooden blinds do, and still have the same good looks. Because of this, these blinds have become favoured in many households, and they can be used everywhere. Yup, even the bathroom and kitchen!

4. Contemporary Curtains

Blinds are fantastic for several different reasons, but some prefer curtains to enliven their space. They’ve really proven themselves to be staples in interior design decades later, and are considered to be the ‘homier’ option. Additionally, they’re quite versatile as they can fit into any space and come in a range of fabrics for varying light and privacy needs. They can also reflect your style preferences with the right colours and patterns. They’re especially preferred for lounge and living areas where a bigger impact can be made. They can create a great impression in your guests’ minds, thanks to their effortless drama and sophistication. Add pelmets and customised heading styles, and their effect really knows no bounds. 

When it comes to contemporary curtains and their styling, we recommend opting for soft, neutral sheers. Whites, creams and off-whites are some colour options that are easily available, and also suit the theme the best. They reflect light, and make a space look bigger. When installed floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, they exude grandeur too. You can also add layers such as blockouts to create textured looks with added functionality. 

5. Grommet Drapery

You can go a step further with customising curtains by styling the headings. Headings are the top of your curtains; different stylings can change up both the look and how the curtains drape. Grommet is one of them. 

This style is ideal for contemporary interior design as it’s a simple, yet sleek option. It’s perfectly in-keeping with the design scheme, with the curtain beautifully lining up when opened. Additionally, grommet drapery features rings through which the curtain rod is inserted. This ensures the curtains can easily slide back and forth with ease. For this reason, they’re especially great for larger window spaces or even sliding doors. The pleated look is neat when closed too. Bear in mind that the size of each pleat is dependent on how far apart the grommets are. 

Opt for a wooden rod to match the contemporary effect. It can have a beautiful look as the rod’s exposed with this type of style.

We hope that helped you narrow down your list for contemporary window furnishings. There’s definitely a lot to explore and plenty of inspiration to be found, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Nothing venture nothing gain as they say! And if you ever need a hand, give us a shout. We’re here to help you the whole way through!