Shade On Demand: Everything You Need To Know About The Retractable Awning

A Comprehensive Guide to Retractable Awnings and How They Elevate Your Outdoor Living Space

Picture this: You’re lounging in your backyard, the sun’s rays gently warming your skin. But as the day wears on, the heat intensifies. Wouldn’t it be perfect if, with just a press of a button, you could cast your entire outdoor space into comfortable shade? Welcome to the world of retractable awnings, including the motorized retractable awning; a game-changer for outdoor living.

Retractable awnings are more than just a luxury—they’re a smart addition to any home, offering both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Whether you’re new to the concept or considering an upgrade, this guide is your go-to source for everything you need to know about retractable awnings. From operational tips to durability insights and design trends, we’ve got you covered.

So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these fantastic outdoor window furnishings and how they can work for you.

1. Are Retractable Awnings Worth It?

100%! And we’re not just saying that. 

Retractable awnings completely transform your outdoor spaces, making them usable year-round. Imagine hosting gatherings on your verandah without worrying about the weather. Or enjoying significant energy savings through better temperature control. The initial investment is the gift that keeps on giving, once you start enjoying the benefits. 

2 .How Do Retractable Awnings Work?

Choose between the simplicity of manual awnings, operated with a hand crank, or the convenience of a motorized retractable awning.  With the latter, enjoy cool shade just a button push away. Both types are designed for ease, offering quick adjustments for your outdoor comfort.

3. Troubleshooting Common Retractable Awning Issues

Facing issues with your retractable awning? Whether it’s a retraction problem indicating potential motor issues or an unexpected extension due to battery failure, we’re here to help. If you’re experiencing this, reach out to us and we’ll send a technician around to fix the problem. 

Why Does My Awning Keep Retracting?

If you have the opposite issue and your awning’s retracting without any input, this could also be an indication that the battery may need to be replaced. Again, we recommend contacting us at your earliest convenience and we’ll make arrangements to address the malfunction. 

What Is The Disadvantage Of Retractable Awning?

If there are any disadvantages, it’d be that retractable awnings may have a higher upfront cost due to their sophisticated technology and high-quality materials than stationary awnings.

However, the long-term benefits and convenience justify the investment. Plus, with products designed to last over 20 years, your outdoor enjoyment is guaranteed for decades.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Retractable Awning?

Our awnings are built to withstand the elements, including strong winds up to certain limits.

In extreme weather, retracting your awning can prevent damage, ensuring it continues to serve you for years. And yes, they’re designed to handle rain, with weather-resistant fabrics and, in some models, integrated water management systems.

Depending on the conditions the retractable awnings are exposed to, you can expect well over 20 years of frequent use!

Are Retractable Awnings OK In The Wind?

Our awnings are about as hardy as they come and can certainly withstand strong winds. However, if the conditions become more extreme and wind speeds exceed 50 km per hour, we’d recommend retracting the awnings into their protective casing. It’s better to err on the side of caution to prevent potential damage or the possibility of something being blown into them.

Can You Leave A Retractable Awning Out In The Rain?

We utilise high-tech, weather-resistant fabrics in our awnings that hold up fantastically against heavy rain – some of our options even feature integrated downpipes and gutters to effectively channel water. However, it’s advisable that you retract the awning in extreme, storm-like conditions to avoid water buildup or damage. This should ensure the longevity of your outdoor furnishing and guarantee that it lasts for many years to come.

Can You Leave A Retractable Awning Open All The Time?

In short, yes, you could leave it open all the time. Although, it’s not the safest course of action in the long run. In order to mitigate the possibility of unfortunate damage, we would advise our customers to retract the awning when it’s not in use. Especially if harsh weather conditions are expected or no one’s on the property to experience the cooling effects they provide.

Retractable Awning For Patios: Elevate Outdoor Spaces

Now that we’ve covered a few of the frequently asked questions about awnings and what they can do, allow us to walk you through some of the reasons to consider them for your home. There are very few outdoor furnishings that boast such a comprehensive list of benefits.

They Offer Impressive Versatility

Us Aussies absolutely love the outdoors and anything that makes spending time outside more comfortable and convenient, is a game-changer. Retractable awnings offer a remarkable amount of versatility and allow you to control the conditions on your verandah. On warm summer days, simply extend the awnings and you have immediate shade and protection from the heat. If you’d prefer to soak in the sunlight, the awnings can retract in only a matter of seconds. 

The flexibility these furnishings provide is second-to-none, and we’ve no doubt that you’ll love the enhanced outdoor environment that awnings create. To add to this, the enclosed space underneath the awning is perfect for entertaining, and you might find that your friends will not want to leave after spending some time relaxing in your very own outdoor haven. Whether you’re hosting a lunch, drinks, a party, or anything in between, retractable awnings will no doubt create the ideal environment!

They Are Functional And Great To Look At

Our awnings can be created with a variety of materials, styles, designs and colours to match and enhance the aesthetic of your home or outdoor space. As practical as these furnishings are, they’re designed to be equally as pleasing to the eye and will add a touch of elegance to any property. If you’ve not already done so, we encourage you to have a look at our selection of awnings. This way, you can get a good sense of the style and look that works best for your purposes.

They Are Energy-Efficient

Another major drawcard of retractable awnings is their ability to regulate heat transfer in and out of your home. When extended, they effectively block the sun’s rays, which helps to reduce the amount of heat absorbed by your home – bringing down the overall indoor temperature. The shaded area outside your household that the awnings create also acts as a kind of barrier to heat, stopping warm air from pouring into your property. 

Not only does this help to create a more pleasant indoor environment, but it also comes with the added bonus of bringing down your monthly energy expenditure. Air-conditioners often use up a lot of electricity, and you won’t need to have them running nearly as often with the addition of retractable awnings. 

They Extend Available Living Space

Awnings create a cosy outdoor environment and can quickly and easily extend your living space outdoors. Areas that before may have been too hot to spend time in are now perfect for dining, hosting, or basking in the wonderful fresh air. Come rain or shine, you’ll have essentially added more usable square meterage to your home, to be used in whatever way you see fit.

Awnings Offer Increased Property Value

Another consideration that regularly flies under the radar is that these furnishings can make your property more appealing to prospective buyers or tenants. This is one of the reasons why awnings are considered to be an investment, as the money you originally spend to install them can be recuperated further down the line should you choose to place your home on the market. Ultimately, the versatility and quality of these awnings can add plenty of additional value to your household.

Motorised Retractable Awning: Remarkably Easy To Operate

Our awnings can be motorised, which means they can be folded out without any effort at all, with the motor doing all the work for you. On the flip-side, they can also be manually operated, are also extremely simple to use and have been intelligently designed to be opened with ease. If you were expecting it to be an arduous or complicated process, this is simply not the case. Convenience and ease-of-use are the name of the game with our retractable awnings. 

Retractable Waterproof Awnings From Watson Blinds

Here are two of the excellent options you have at your disposal when you decide on us for your awning needs.

Folding Arm Awnings

For those looking for an elegant yet sturdy retractable option, it’s tough to go wrong with our folding arm awnings. They provide impressive coverage, without needing a permanent structure to hold it in place. They can be created to function manually or with a motor, depending on your preferences and requirements.

The entire awning as well as all the technical mechanisms fit neatly into the casing, meaning no visible fixings, brackets, or cover caps. Manufactured with Dyneema tape on all the joints for ultimate durability, you can expect these awnings to remain in tip-top shape well into the future.

Sintesi Retractable Roof

We mentioned earlier that we have options with integrated gutters and downpipes for channelling water. Well, the Sintesi’s perhaps the best example of this. This beautiful Italian design has been created with durability in mind, and, as a result of the permanent structure it implements, can withstand winds of up to 102kmph without any issues whatsoever! 

The Sintesi Retractable Roof can breathe new life into any outdoor space and creates a cosy, ideal environment for hosting and relaxing outside. For those who’re looking for a solution that is 100% waterproof and highly weather-resistant (while also looking incredible) this could be the choice for you. 

If you’re considering investing in awnings for your property, Watson Blinds is the way to go. We’ll help you design and install the outdoor furnishing of your dreams, at affordable prices to boot. Beat the unpredictable Australian weather and enjoy your outdoor area all year round with our impressive range of retractable awnings.