The Pros and Cons of Honeycomb Blinds

Energy efficiency is a recurring problem in homes; but honeycomb roller blinds can help tackle this. How? We’re glad you asked.

Honeycomb blinds are the most thermally-efficient window furnishings around. They’re also a cost-effective option. You’ll find them available in both single, and double cell fabrics, and that they look very similar to another structure. If you guessed actual bee honeycombs, you’re right on the money. That’s indeed where the ideal was stolen from. Sorry bee friends, we thought it was ingenious! 

The reason for the special structure of the cells of these blinds is simple. 

They help trap hot air within them, preventing its easy loss; it’s what makes them thermally efficient. 

This means they can provide effective insulation, while at the same time serving elegant, contemporary looks. Best of all, the design is versatile, allowing you to shape these blinds for arches, tricky angles and even skylights.

This practicality has made honeycomb roller blinds a popular choice for countless spaces. You can also indulge in a wide range of fabric opacities and design options that will help with light control and privacy. They’re also anti-static and dust repellent; which not only protects from allergies and asthmatic conditions, but also require less maintenance.

1. Enhance Insulation with Honeycomb Roller Blinds 

The average home typically loses around ⅓ of heating/ cooling energy through glass doors and windows. 

Window furnishings in general help to retain this energy within, however honeycomb blinds are able to do this on a higher level. The specially designed cells form a substantial barrier, as air is trapped within them. This allows some windows to almost double their resistance value, a common measurement of insulation.

With honeycomb blinds, the R-value can be raised from 3.5 to 7. Our honeycomb blinds have been rigorously tested and proven, with the ability to save you up to 32% on energy costs.

When translated to using honeycomb roller blinds for windows, this simply means, much better and improved insulation.

2. Greater Privacy 

Honeycomb blinds won’t compromise on privacy, unless of course you choose a sheer fabric. Even then, you won’t exactly be fully visible. 

While honeycomb blinds can be operated by cord or automated, they can function as ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ blinds. This allows you to move the entire blind either up towards the window or down to the bottom of the sill. This’ll allow you to make the most of your views. Additionally, you’ll be able to let in light without sacrificing privacy. Any light that does come through them, is tempered.

3. Helps Block Out Noise

Insulation is not only reserved for temperature control. It’s also relevant to noise. Now while honeycomb roller blinds won’t give you a soundproof atmosphere, they can certainly help muffle sound. Their cells, especially double-cells, act as a thicker barrier than your average roller blind.

4. Slim and Stackable

Honeycomb blinds don’t have their design for the sake of it. 

Every inch has been carefully pondered over, with the aim of functionality. While you can adapt them to suit various shapes, you’ll find that they all have the same slim, stackable structure. The cells are long, and stretch across the length of the blinds where air is trapped. This means they’re not bulky. In fact, the long cells make the blinds look streamlined, and neat. 

We use Perma-cell technology, which helps prevent the cells from stretching, ensuring they retain their looks and performance. The simple and modern appeal of honeycomb blinds also makes them great companions for minimalist themes. Honeycomb roller blinds have a sleek design, available in a range of colours and fabrics.

5. Cleaning Is More Difficult

When compared to other blinds, honeycomb blinds can be considered to be a little harder to clean. That’s also because of the cells, as they create long grooves where dust can happily settle in and call home. You can see what we mean in this picture here.

The best way to clean these blinds is to use a soft, dry cloth. A microfibre cloth would be ideal. Vacuuming will also do the trick, just remember to use horizontal strokes. Never wet them, and if you need to remove a stubborn stain we recommend using a dry paper towel to scrape it off. 

There’s also another issue that may occur from time to time; bugs crawling into the cells. Now it’s not something that happens all that often, but occasionally, you might come across a creepy-crawlie in there. The solution? Compressed air. Get yourself a can and keep it handy, as this can blow out insects, dirt and debris that may accumulate in the cells. It’s far more precise than using a hairdryer.

6. No Adjustable Natural Lighting

Unlike their counterparts, with honeycomb roller blinds it can be hard to control the amount of natural light you want coming in through your windows. It’s either up or down. When compared to something like Venetian blinds which include individual slats for precise light control, honeycomb blinds have little to no flexibility. For diffusing light, you’d then need light filtering honeycomb blinds. You may need certain light levels based on the room in question, so you could perhaps mix-n-match with other options.

Overall if you’re looking for precise flexibility with light control, then honeycomb blinds may not be for you. However, they tick off a range of boxes, with their most prominent feature being their thermal-efficiency. So if you’re tired of eye-watering energy bills, then this might be something worth looking into. As mentioned above, our honeycomb blinds have been proven to reduce energy bills by 32%. A considerable amount in the grand scheme of things. And while they may not be the most fashionable window furnishings out there like Roman blinds for instance, they are still a head-turner.

Opting for custom-made honeycomb blinds for windows and doors will make a world of a difference to your home. They’ve aways received rave reviews, and are by far some of the best performing window furnishings out there. Suited to pretty much any type of home decor and theme, they’re sure to stun and elevate your space into a modern paradise.