Venetian Blinds Are The Best Window Furnishings If Your Room Has A View

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Venetian Blinds have quite a storied history. From their origins in the Persian Empire through to Venice and the United States, they’re an instantly recognizable window furnishing – and for good reason. In a contemporary context, however, they’re often overlooked. Home owners have strayed away from traditional window furnishings with like venetian blinds and window shutters in favour of fabric coverings. Roman Blinds are slightly more opulent owing to their lavish fabric ornamentation, while Roller Blinds are more streamlined and subdued, which suits a marketplace increasingly focussed on minimalism. 

It’s a bit of a bummer really, because Venetian Blinds are the perfect window furnishing if your home has a lovely view that you’re keen on preserving. They’re great at gently filtering light for a dappled, relaxing visual effect, but can also block it out fully if need be. Angle the slats a certain way and you’ll get a resplendent view – but close them for a look that’s totally discreet. The subtlety of Venetian Blinds can turn a lot of people away, but it’s actually their secret weapon. 

Can't Beat Venetian Blinds

They’re great to look at – sleek and elegant, with clean lines that sit flush against the window frame – and they serve a purpose. Despite that, they’re not necessarily the first thing that you notice in a room. If that’s the sort of overall effect that you’re after, Venetian Blinds are a great window furnishing option. Plus, they’re just so practical – one pull on the cord or string and they’ll fold away neatly right into the window frame itself – which makes for a fantastic look if both frame and blind quote cheap blind blind price are the same colour. Conversely, you can let them down and the light will cast those lovely dappled strips of sunlight across your flooring and furniture, which can be wonderful to relax in with a glass of wine on a Saturday afternoon. Keen to watch some TV without irritating glare cutting across the screen? Simply give the twist-cord a turn and the neighbours are completely out of your hair. 

One of our expert in-house interior designers, style guide expert, and soft furnishing guru Kath says that she loves Venetian Blinds for the balanced blend of everything that they provide to her home. They’re sort of like a jack-of-all-trades in that sense. ‘I wanted privacy, but I also wanted natural light,’ says Kath. ‘I have a lot of natural greenery outside that I wanted to be able to see, as well as being able to see the sky at night. That’s always a big plus in my eyes.’ Basically, Venetian Blinds – or any other similar window furnishing with slats – allow you to see the outside world as much as you like. Other cheap blinds and window furnishings like roller blinds quote or diy roman blinds are gorgeous to look at as a standalone feature, but they don’t exactly allow you a view when they’re fully extended. So for the most bang for your buck, opt for high quality timber or timber-look venetian blinds or even PVC venetian blinds that will look great, and last for many years to come!