5 Things to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are now considered a smart investment for homes and businesses. Aside from providing shade and shelter, they help you make the most of your living space. At the same time, they also elevate a property’s aesthetic appeal. Needless to say, all of these combined adds effortless value to your asset.

Knowing our Aussie climate well, it helps to also be prepared in advance. For instance, having your outdoor blinds installed before Summer rolls around will ensure you are ready for heat and insects. Absolutely perfect for those garden parties, barbecues, or simply lounging about on the patio. Whatever it is you want to do, you should be able to do it unrestricted.

If you’re thinking about installing outdoor blinds yourself, you are in the right place. And considering this is an important addition, it’s necessary to do your research and learn as much as possible beforehand. We’ve put together a few key things you should look into, so you can understand outdoor blinds better. This way, you’ll know what to expect and exactly what they deliver, as well as how to pick the right product for yourself.

1. What Purposes Do They Need to Serve?

To better refine exactly the type of outdoor blinds you need, you should think about what you want from them. Are you looking to increase and improve your living and entertaining space? Are you wanting to enhance privacy in your backyard? Maybe you want protection all year from rain, wind, heat, light or insects. You may even just want to protect your furniture.

Or perhaps your needs may be more specific. Do you want to let in more of that gentle, refreshing morning sun and less of the harsh afternoon heat? Maybe vice versa? Would you like your blinds to be retractable so you have more flexibility? For example, the Alpha SRS blinds are the ideal solution as retractable blinds for outdoor use. And last but not least, how would you want to operate your outdoor blinds? Manually or automated?

As you can see, there are many questions to ask yourself. By identifying these needs, you can narrow down your requirements, and thereby your selection. This will allow you to continue working your way down, until you’re left with the outdoor blinds you’ve always wanted. With everyone’s needs and backyards being different to each other, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

2. The Climate

If you want to use your outdoor area all year, then you should consider the impact of various weather events on it. As mentioned earlier, Summer brings with it months of intense heat, harsh glare and pests. Then of course there’s wind and rain the rest of the year, which at times can get quite strong. This can not only impede on your lifestyle, but also potentially cause damage to your space.

Naturally, you want your outdoor blinds to be able to handle all of these conditions with ease. And the good news is that our selection of outdoor blinds doesn’t need you to pick one benefit over another. They cater to all seasons, and are designed to look their best while doing it.

3. The Ease of Operation

In this day and age, convenience is the name of the game. As such, your outdoor blinds should be a breeze to operate. We doubt you want to be fiddling about with cords and pulleys when the weather suddenly turns. 

Which is why motorising your outdoor blinds can make all the difference. You won’t even have to move, you can simply operate them from wherever you are. It’s especially useful for when you’re not home. Imagine seeing a news report for adverse weather conditions when you’re out of town; you’d be quite anxious. With motorised outdoor blinds however, you can take control of the situation. Use your smartphone/ tablet to operate them, even from thousands of miles away. Just remember that in order to do this, you do need to pair your blinds with your smart devices.

This is also incredibly beneficial for those with accessibility/ mobility issues. There’s no need to physically make your way over to the blinds. They retract and extend at the simple touch of a button, or even, voice control.

You can of course still opt for manual operation if you prefer. This is only suited if you don’t need to use your blinds regularly however.

4. Type of Fabric

You’ll come across different fabric materials in your hunt for outdoor blinds. Typically, this is dependent on the climate. It’s quite an important part of the equation, as healthy ventilation and air circulation is key. For this reason, clear PVC may not be your best bet. While it provides unhindered views, it isn’t ideal for warm climates as it traps heat. You also won’t be able to control the amount of light coming into the space and it does nothing for privacy.

Mesh on the other hand, is a more favoured fabric. It’s versatile, and can be found in varying grades to assist with ventilation and view-through. While repelling sunlight and heat, it can keep out the cold effectively too. It’s also better suited to controlling light and all things considered, creates a comfortable space. You also get better privacy as it limits visibility.

Canvas is yet another option, known for its high UV protection and durability similar to acrylic materials.

5. Energy Consumption

With outdoor blinds offering so much in terms of benefits, you’d think they were done. Not quite.

Aside from all the wonderful advantages they bring to your home, they go a step further by assisting with energy consumption. So for example, in Summer, they can help make your home more energy efficient by blocking up to around 35-40% of the sun’s rays. This in turn reduces your dependence on air-conditioning. In the Winter, the same is true. Your outdoor blinds will help keep the cold out, so your home can maintain a regular temperature. This also means less heating, which ultimately means lower energy bills. Think of all you could do with the money you save!


Overall, outdoor blinds are a no-brainer. They really elevate not just your home, but your standard of living in itself. You get to maximise the use of those previously ignored spaces, while enjoying them in comfort. No more worrying about repellent or having to enjoy the rain from indoors. You can sit out in the safety of your patio, with a warm cuppa in hand and your feet curled up in your favourite chair. 

With a wide range of styles and fabrics to choose from, you can match them with the rest of your home too. This way, you needn’t compromise on aesthetics in any way. You could even make them stand out by going for something completely different. It’s all up to you. 

For more, take a look at these 4 key benefits of outdoor blinds. Our expert consultants are also on-hand to assist with your outdoor blinds requirements. Book an appointment for a free consultation, and have someone assess your needs in-person. We’ll then share our ideas and advice, and go over some fabric options with you. We’ll also bring our fabric samples for you to have a look at in the comfort of your home. Easy done.