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Curtains Complete Any Room In Elegant Style

Timeless and contemporary, curtains define the character of a room. Ours come with a range of functional benefits, including complete control over your home’s temperature.

You can instantly transform a room from boring to beautiful without the huge price tag and enjoy supreme insulation capabilities.

Thinking your décor could do with a dose of sophistication and drama ? Sheer curtains paired with decorative banding and trims create a sense of elegance and refinement in any room. With a trove of styles and fabrics available, there’s something for everyone.

Did you know our curtains are custom-made to your specifications? 

Why Our Curtains?

Choose Your Style

You’d be forgiven for thinking curtains weren’t the most exciting option for interior decorating. In our opinion, they’re incredibly versatile and perfect for that warm, comforting feeling of ‘home’.

Personalise your curtains just the way you want. Choosing your style includes picking a type of pleat, tracks, banding/ trims, fabrics and tiebacks. If all that just sounded foreign to you, no need to stress. We’re right here to walk you through it all. 

Choose Your Pleats

Double & Triple pinch pleat
Box pleat
Pencil pleat
Knife pleat

Choose Your Tracks

Picking the right curtain track is an important design decision from both an aesthetic and practical outlook. Our standard tracking system is made from high quality powder coated aluminium, and gives your room that flair.

Our range of track options suit any heading style. Double tracks allow you to layer your curtains the way you want, and is a lovely way to add texture and elegance. 

Why Opt For Curtain Tracks?

Banding And Trims

For a decorative finish or pop of colour, our production team can add banding and trims across the top, bottom or sides of your curtains.


Our in-home style experts will bring our selection of fabric samples to you. 

For a subtle finish opt for a complimenting fabric, or make a bold statement by adding dramatic colour contrast. Each fabric type has its own features and benefits based on weight, transparency, flexibility, ease of maintenance, thermal insulation and it’s resistance to fire and the harsh Australian sun.

TIP: Hold the fabric sample up to a window to see how it filters sunlight. Study the mood of the room; is it formal, casual, comfortable, quiet? This will influence the fabric type you go for.

Curtain Tiebacks

Practical as well as decorative. To pull your curtains to the side for a lighter, more formal look, tie backs are the perfect addition. We have a range of tiebacks in different shapes, sizes and finishes. 

Tips 'n Tricks

Choose from Blockout, Sheer, Double, Lined, and Soft Weave Curtains for your space.

TIP: Lined curtains will insulate better and provide a total ‘block out’ that can help prevent fabric colour fading from the sun. Lined curtains also help the fabric drape and fall evenly.

Enjoy the benefits of block out and sheer curtains simultaneously. Let the block out fabric take care of unwanted light while the sheers add elegance to your room.

TIP: Hanging the curtains higher than the window adds height to any space. Hang them even higher to get an extra dramatic look, from the ceiling or just below the pelmet. This will make a low ceiling appear higher.

Opt for wall-to-wall and utilise as much wall space as you can. When you draw the curtains to the side, you should be able to enjoy uninterrupted views and the perfect amount of light coming in.

Complete your window furnishing with pelmets for a sophisticated, tailor-made finish. Pelmets can also be used to hide operational components so you only see the beautiful drapes and none of the mechanics.

If you are looking for curtains in Canberra, Batemans Bay or Wagga, Book an appointment with our local experts today.

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Daryl Gough
7 months ago
Fantastic service, love the showroom. Couldn't be happier with products, value and would highly recommend them to anyone.
Jonathan Dawson
7 months ago
We are very happy with our new blinds and I could strongly recommend Watson blinds to anyone. Job well done.
Tom Stephens
7 months ago
The team at Watson Blinds & Awnings are one of the most professional companies I have dealt with. The install completed in my home in April 2018 looks amazing. The quality of product, communication and service has also been incredible. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing blinds or curtains and will be using them again myself in the future.
Claire Toepfer
7 months ago
Exceptional service and a high quality product. The fact that these guys are local is not just a bonus, it's essential to their business model. Quick service and installation, personal approach which helped immensely. A small error at their end was corrected swiftly and as a result we got an extra set of blinds at an enormous discount. A local company ensures that its brand is protected and so will do everything possible to keep the customer happy. So glad we chose Watson!
Charles Nowak
8 months ago
The experience I had with these guys was unbelievable, fast service, price couldn’t be beaten. They even cleaned the area that they were working around after they were done. Definitely will be recommending these guys if anyone ever needs blinds done! Keep up the good work!
Jacqueline Parker
1 year ago
Great customer service, knowledgeable staff who are happy to take you through the range and explain any questions and queries you may have. Order process was hassle free and my order arrived on time and looked fantastic. I would definitely order through Watsons' again and recommend them to anyone looking for made to measure.
Martin Gilby
9 months ago
Great customer service by Ashlee. And well organized display area.
David Peterson
9 months ago
I have my outdoor blinds fitted with very good service. Now i can enjoy the summer. Thanks Watson Blinds & Awnings.
Tina Robbins
9 months ago
Very happy with my outdoor blinds from Watson Blinds & Awnings. Professionally fitted. Thanks Watson Blinds & Awnings for this fantastic job!
The Cock and Crown Woden
11 months ago
These guys are awesome and our blinds are perfect! It's been a pleasure to deal with everyone involved at Watsons. Highly recommended.