Awnings And Outdoor Blinds: Enhance Your Outside Area

Transform Your Outdoor Oasis with Stylish Awnings and Outdoor Blinds for Ultimate Comfort and Elegance

Awnings can add plenty of versatility to your verandah or patio. After all, just about everyone enjoys lounging about outside on a warm day, but our unpredictable Aussie weather can often put a damper on things. So rather than roughing it through a suddenly stormy barbeque session or swatting bugs away from your brunch, why not invest in an impressive piece of tech designed to protect you from the elements without compromising on space and comfort?

Take control of your outdoor area with a top-of-the-range awning from Watson Blinds. Whether you opt for a folding arm awning, a zipscreen awning, or anything in between, you’re bound to get the best of the best when you buy through us. If we’ve piqued your interest, keep reading for a quick overview of the various awnings we offer. We’ll also be covering the many customisable options available to you, proving the ultimate versatility of this impressive outdoor furnishing.

Watson Blinds: Product Options

Regardless of the size, shape and overall style of your home, we’re sure to have the ideal awning to suit your purposes. From window awnings for your small business or Airbnb to large retractable roof awnings to protect your relatives during a massive family lunch, there’s a design aligned with what you’re looking for. Here’s some brief insight into our popular awning options, giving you a good idea of the impressive range we offer at Watson Blinds.

Choose Your Retracting Awning

  • Semina by Weinor:
    Superb sun protection is a single purchase away. This particular retracting awning is an impressive display of German craftsmanship, allowing you to style your outdoor area with precision. This is both a cost-effective and feature-rich option – perfect for those looking for an escape from the Australian sunshine without breaking the bank. 

This retracting awning offers both sun and heat protection, as well as a low-noise LongLife arm to keep the fabric positioned perfectly even during the gustiest weather conditions. For sleek sun coverage, a minimalistic look, and long-term durability, consider the Semina awning for your property.

  • Cassita ll by Weinor:

    Similar to the Semina, but with plenty more perks, this option is ideal for those looking for a modern-style awning with a sleek, German touch. What sets the Cassita ll apart from the rest is the built in LED lights and ultra-slim cassette – both of which add a touch of luxury to the already impeccable design. 

The oval-shaped cassette is there to protect both the fabric and mechanisms of this particular awning, promoting longevity along with ultimate convenience. Perfect for the modern homeowner, you can’t go wrong with this trendy design.

  • Sintesi Retractable Roof:
    For the finest open-air living, the Sintesi is your best bet. Secure full weather protection for your outdoor seating area, extending the comfort of your interior even further. This Italian awning design has it all; with an integrated gutter and downpipe system and a breathlessly elegant mounting frame, this awning is not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing too.

The discreet downpipe system is able to channel water away without inconveniencing anyone, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor event without having to worry about the weather. Perfect for both commercial and residential properties, this 100% waterproof awning is a step above the rest when it comes to resisting the elements.

  • Sundream Awnings:
    Shade your property in style with the dreamy Sundream awning option. This retracting awning is expertly designed to prevent excess heat and light from blazing into your interior, while still allowing you to open up your home to sunshine in the winter. Operating on sturdy aluminium tracks, these awnings are easy to use, effortlessly classy, and add a unique spin to the standard awning formula. 

The Sundream awning can be fitted above glass roofs, skylights and pergolas – it’s also available as a self-mounting system, fixed onto posts that do away with the need for an existing structure. Control the retractable ‘roof’ over your head and let the light in whenever you see fit! 

  • Plaza Viva by Weinor:
    This self-mounting system is another great option for your property, boasting German engineering at its best – all wrapped up in a compact, modest design. Some notable features of this nifty option include LED lights, an optional telescopic post, an OptiStretch version, and the Valance Plus. 

The optional telescopic post can be lowered with a simple gear handle, allowing you to adjust your awnings how you see fit. This is great for effectively draining rainwater and adds even more to this already versatile design. For smooth operation and innovative technology cloaked by a humble presentation, the Plaza Viva is the way to go.

  • Zipscreen Awnings:
    Entertain all year round with this accommodating awning option that marries modern innovation and maximum comfort into one stylish outdoor furnishing. Perfect for alfresco entertainment areas, these awnings function as outdoor blinds. They work as a stylish alternative to standard awnings, offering privacy and protection while still allowing you to thoroughly enjoy the outdoors. 

When rolled down, the side channels of this awning maintain constant tension thanks to a zip-retention system. To put it simply, you won’t have to deal with the eyesore of any rippling or sagging, and the variety of colour and fabric options are complemented by this feature. Durable, eye-catching, and incredibly convenient, the Zipscreen awning is one of our most popular options for a reason.

  • Folding-Arm Awnings:
    Whatever the weather, this Aussie-style window feature is sure to make your day. Without requiring a permanent structure, this option makes use of – you guessed it – folding arms to operate. Offering ample coverage and heat-reduction too, you can’t go wrong with this durable option. Choose from either manual or motorised options and control the extent of your retracting awning yourself; relax in the welcome shade or draw the fabric back to relish in the sunshine – the power is in your hands.

This range includes Dyneema® Tape on all elbow and shoulder joints, promoting increased strength and ultimate durability. Fun Fact: This feature makes these awning arms ten times stronger than metal chains, but keeps them lightweight and resistant to moisture too!

  • Window Awnings:
    Touted as the ‘classic Watson option’, these window awnings are part of our basic awnings range. However, don’t let the simple nature of this option fool you, there’s plenty of flexibility to this collection. Designed to suit the rugged Australian lifestyle, these window awnings offer ultimate protection from both heat and the sun’s glare. 

Keeping your interior shaded has never been easier, with our window awnings allowing you to keep the sun out without compromising on the view. This option is an economic solution that is sure to stand the test of time and protect your interior from sun damage. Thanks to the increased temperature control offered by this option, you’ll also be able to improve your property’s’ energy efficiency. 

These awnings are also completely customisable, and the Watson Blinds team is ready and waiting to design an outdoor window covering according to your unique requirements. This collection of awnings are specifically designed for windows and comprises Automatic, Fixed-Guide, Wire-Guide, Straight-Drop and Pivot-Arm options. 

Here’s a quick summary of each:

  • Automatic:
    Contrary to what the name might suggest, these awnings are not motorised – the name is instead derived from the intelligent automatic locking system. Should your area suddenly be hit with heavy winds, these awnings will self-shut to prevent damage. This is an incredibly useful feature, and coupled with their ability to block out the sun’s rays, our Automatic awnings are sure to make a great addition to your property.

  • Fixed-Guide Awnings:
    This option is great for those hard-to-reach windows. While most awnings rely on locking arms to stay in place, this option instead makes use of a specialised mechanism that gives the awning greater flexibility to stop at any point, without the need for a secure base rail. With this option, there is also a broad array of technical features to further personalise your window furnishing, including Spring, Manual Crank, or Automated. This means you will be able to control the awning from inside, no ladder needed to reach the controls.
  • Wire-Guide:
    Designed with optimal shade in mind, the Wire-Guide awning does not disappoint. Doing away with bulky fixtures, this option involves a straight drop fitting style, saving you the hassle of strong winds tampering with your furnishing. Keep your interior shaded and your temperature regulated with this no-nonsense option – and rest assured that the high-tensile, non-rust stainless steel cables will last for years to come.
  • Straight-Drop: 
    This traditional option offers both UV protection and improved airflow, simplifying the outdoor blinds format down to its core features. This awning is ideal for those un-interested in extra features or flashy tech – offering a simple, sophisticated window furnishing that can fit snugly into tight spaces where channels may not be suitable.
  • Pivot-Arm Awnings: 
    These energy-efficient awnings keep the heat out of your home, upping your energy efficiency effortlessly. This is thanks to both the fabric and the arm of the awning, which work together to form an arc that allows air to flow behind the material; meaning the amount of hot air seeping through your window is significantly reduced. These awnings are also adjustable and can comfortably cover your entire window without a hitch.

Materials And Fabric

Once you’ve taken your pick of awnings for your property, there are even more customisable options to consider. Depending on the design of the awning, you’re free to choose from the following materials: Mesh, Canvas, Clear PVC, or Acrylic. At the end of the day, the type of material you choose will depend on what you hope to gain from your awning, the kind of awning you want, and what best fits your property’s style.

In terms of fabric, there’s plenty of opportunity for exploration there too. All of our fabric is designed with Aussie weather in mind – and that means that it’s durable, and able to withstand the scorching sunshine. There are also plenty of colours to choose from, so you can be sure to find the perfect shade to fit your taste.

Certain fabrics are better suited to certain awnings, with varying degrees of airflow attributes, durability, colour fastness and more, so feel free to have a chat with us if you’re unsure of which feature to focus on. We’re more than happy to help you design the window furnishings of your dreams, and we even offer a virtual showroom for you to explore.

  • The right measurements can be taken. There is a specific way to measure blind dimensions accurately and doing it wrong may lead to misfitted blinds that can ruin the aesthetic of your room. 
  • Professional installers will get it right the first time, meaning you won’t have to go back and redo your roller blinds installation, as a result costing even more money. 
  • Most importantly, our team and client’s safety is of the utmost importance, and we make sure that our installations are done in the safest way possible.

Watson Blinds: Customisable Awnings

Now that you have a better understanding of the many awning options available to you, head on over to the Watson Blinds website and take your pick. When you work with us, you can look forward to smooth sailing from start to finish – we’ll help you design, craft, and install your very own outdoor window furnishings. With such a versatile supply of awnings, Watson Blinds is here to help you expand and elevate your outdoor space.