Awnings: Upscale Your Outdoor Area


With house renovation being an ever-popular topic of discussion for new and existing homeowners, modern awnings have gained popularity in recent years. Awnings are versatile outdoor extensions that can turn your patio or outdoor area into the next excellent hosting spot in your home. An awning, also known as an overhang, is a covering attached to an exterior wall, window, or building. Awnings are typically made from canvas – woven of acrylic, cotton, or polyester yarn, that is stretched tightly over a light structure of aluminium, iron, or steel.


Although the traditional configuration of awnings was something of a truss or space frame, today the modern awning can be configured in many ways to suit your space. At Watson Blinds, we take pride in offering you fixtures that enhance the aesthetic value of your home. Before supplying your brand-new awning, let us explore the many benefits of having high-quality awnings on your property.




Extended Outdoor Living Space


The primary purpose and also the most significant benefit of installing awnings is creating a more secure, comfortable, and usable outdoor space. Having an expansive awning made of durable, weather-resistant material over your patio will make it an enjoyable area to frequent all year long. Let us look at how a high-quality awning will help improve your outside area with some examples:


Create a covered seating area: With awnings over a patio or deck, you can create a comfortable outdoor seating area protected from the elements.


Enjoy the outdoors all year round: Your newly installed Watson awnings will provide shade in the summer, and the right fabrics will allow you to use the area even during cold, rainy weather.


Barbecue even when the weather is bad: There is nothing better than the taste of a great steak cooked over the coals, but nothing worse than hosting a barbeque in lousy weather. Awnings will provide the perfect area to barbeque in, even when the weather is terrible – thus creating a better outdoor cooking area.


Increase privacy: By installing awnings, you can create a more private outdoor space shielded from your nosy neighbour or strangers walking down the street. Additionally, an awning can provide you with a more intimate and relaxed outdoor area to entertain those close to you.


For these reasons, an awning will provide a better outdoor area and can prove to be a great home extension. At Watson Blinds, we have some excellent design choices to deliver these benefits.


Temperature Regulation


Your awnings can help reduce the interior heat of your home or provide insulation during colder weather, allowing for the interior of your home to stay warm or cool when you need it to be. Every day is a celebration when you have a Watson awning on your property, and no bad weather will get in the way of your family gathering!


Reduce solar heat: Awnings can reduce the amount of solar heat within your home by blocking UV rays that enter a building through windows and doors, helping to keep the inside of your house cooler in summer and reducing the need for air-conditioning. This can result in significant energy savings and lower energy bills.


The specific location of your awnings can significantly impact temperature regulation on your property. Awnings should be strategically placed to block the sun’s rays during the hottest parts of the day, while still allowing natural light to enter the building.


Material: Aside from the essential role the supporting structure and awning placement can play in temperature regulation, choosing a suitable material will also be vital in regulating how much sun is let through. At Watsons, the materials we use for our awnings are world-class and will easily handle any weather condition. We suggest no more than a 1% open weave fabric or canvas option if you are looking for a material that will almost completely block out harsh sun rays. These materials’ ability to significantly reduce the amount of strong sunlight filtering through will keep your patio and house area cooler, meaning you need not worry about extra cooling costs.


Alternatively, if you need a material that allows more sun in, we have you covered too. With our clear PVC material, not only will you be able to let in more sunlight, but you will also keep the cold out – allowing for your outdoor area to be much warmer, which in turn means it can be used more frequently in winter.






We have already discussed how you can extend your living area, the benefits of doing this, and the helpful temperature regulation functionality these fixtures can add to your homestead. Adding to this, when you buy your awnings from Watson Blinds, you are guaranteed only the best quality products with the versatility to fit your vision.


Customisable: Unlike other outdoor structures like roofing or even gazebos, awnings are not restrictive. We can customise your chosen overhang at Watson Blinds to suit your needs. Above, we have mentioned our different material options – from mesh and canvas to clear PVC and acrylic – but this is only the beginning of our awning customisation options.


Watson Blinds also offers nine unique stylings for our awnings, which, together with our materials and colour choices, will give you many different varieties to work with. Furthermore, every awning from Watson Blinds can either be manually operated or fitted with a motorised system, giving you complete control over your environment. Make your awning unique to you and your desired aesthetic.


Suitable For Any Setting: In this article, we have focused on installing awnings in your home and touched upon a few benefits of doing so. However, the versatility of these structures is not restricted to residential areas only. The wonder of the overhang is that it can be used in various spaces.


Retail: Here, an awning can protect your customers from the weather when entering your storefront and can provide you with even more space for marketing through advertising due to the material nature of the product.


Restaurants: Any restaurant or cafe can benefit from a decent awning installation. With these structures, you can change your sidewalk or patio area into attractive outdoor seating options that are sure to add to the charm of your establishment.


Something For Everyone: At Watson Blinds, we offer nine exceptional designs to suit your style. Each awning is expertly crafted, and you can expect excellent service during installation. Below are two popular favourites:


Semina By Weinor: This sleek and compact design is perfect for rolling out on a Sunday afternoon, providing you and your family with the perfect shady area for outdoor activities.


Sintesi Retractable Roof: This Italian awning is the poster child for versatility. Thanks to the fully retractable nature of this awning, you can easily open it up or fold it away according to your preferences.




Another note-worthy benefit of installing awnings from Watson Blinds is the cost-effective nature of the process. Not only will you be the envy of your neighbours with trend-setting designs, but you will also be able to enjoy unmatched pricing for high-quality awnings and a lifetime warranty on all of our in-house products. These innovative, all-weather solutions will add value to your lifestyle and allow you to take back control of your outdoor areas.


Affordable Installation: When it comes to expanding any living space, the preliminary determination of price will be the size and complexity of the project. However, if you are aiming for a construction project using traditional building materials like cement, wood or tiles, there are additional costs that need to be factored in – including the price of materials, the price of tools for construction, and the price of labour (which can vary widely depending on the building company you use). These are also only a few of the costs you would have to concern yourself with.


Compare this to the installation of a Watson awning – all the awning parts are already made beforehand at one of our factories, and we have a team of professional installers who have installed countless overhangs and can complete your project efficiently and on time. So for an affordableoutdoor expansion project handled by professionals, investing in a Watson awning is the way to go!


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Reduced maintenance expenses: Another reason why our awnings are such a cost-effective option is due to the reduced upkeep cost of the overhang. The extension is perfectly designed for outdoor weather, with materials that can withstand the elements come rain or shine. Hence, due to the longevity, innovative design, and immaculate craftsmanship of our awnings, upkeep costs are significantly reduced.


Protect your outdoor furniture: Another incredible feature that may slip your mind, but makes the awning an incredibly cost-effective investment is its ability to protect outdoor furniture. During rainfall, having an overhang outdoors will efficiently protect them from encountering any moisture. Considering that so many outdoor furniture pieces are made from either wood or wicker, avoiding rain is the right choice. Even in sunny weather, the awning will help protect your furniture as it blocks harsh UV rays, which can bleach and destroy your furniture if left to extended periods of exposure. Considering the price of outdoor furniture nowadays, having a fixture to protect your furniture investments is essential!


Our Awnings: All The Benefits At A Fraction Of The Cost


At Watson Blinds, we believe that the right shutters, blinds, curtains and awnings can change your life for the better, giving you the perfect amount of light, increased privacy, and cosy temperatures all year round.


Our awnings are here to give you sun and heat protection, reduce electricity bills, and offer comfort throughout the year. With all of these benefits and more packed into one incredible product, there is simply no time to wait! Contact Watson Blinds today and have an in-home expert come out for a consultation.