Everything You Need to Know About Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are probably one of the most popular types of blinds after roller blinds out there. You can instantly recognise them, with their simple and straightforward design consisting of vertical slats. They’ve often been overlooked when compared to their cousins because of their simplicity, however this has changed recently.

In fact, with the introduction of themes such as minimalist, contemporary and modern homes, vertical blinds are highly favoured. Available in a wide range of colours, patterns and fabrics, they’ve certainly come a long way to suit all tastes. They’re no longer ‘has-beens’ amongst blinds, thanks to new-age innovation and creativity. On the contrary, they’re very much on-trend, for both home and office use. 

1. What do I need to know about vertical blinds?

Just as their name suggests, vertical blinds are window furnishings that consist of vertical slats. They’ve been around for quite some time, and are instantly recognisable. Seeing as how they’re highly practical and now available in modern materials, they’re more popular than ever. The innovative sliding track system allows the blinds to sashay to the left and right, making way for any views. This makes vertical blinds for windows and large doors a popular contender.

2. What are the benefits of vertical blinds?

Looks are all very well and good, but when it comes to window furnishings, practicality is key. Blinds that simply look pretty won’t really be a good investment, and not something you want to be stuck with. So here’s a look at all the good points of these blinds and how they can benefit you:

  • High light and privacy control: Their individual vertical slats means they offer precise control. You can have them partially/ fully opened or partially/ fully closed. You can also angle the louvres so you can let in just enough light without compromising on privacy.


  • Helps with insulation: They can help regulate the temperature of your space by keeping out heat and insulating when cold.


  • Great for wide spaces: If you’ve got large windows or sliding doors, vertical blinds are a great fit whether wide or tall. Plus, they’re also not bulky and very easy to control because of their lightweight nature.


  • Low maintenance: As opposed to horizontal slats, vertical blinds find it much more difficult to retain dust. This makes them easy to maintain.


  • Waterproof: You can opt for PVC/ vinyl vertical blinds which are great for spaces such as kitchens/ bathrooms.

3. Are vertical blinds a good idea?

The reason this tends to come up as a question is because for a long time they were associated as ‘office blinds’. Of course nobody wanted to be reminded of work when they were at home. Additionally, they were viewed as more of ‘plain-Janes’, and less visually appealing than other options. 

Fortunately for vertical blinds, it was just a matter of time. As the years passed on and different interior design schemes made their way, they were suddenly seen in better light. People began moving away from exuberant prints and colours, and wanted something quieter and simpler. Given also their longevity and functionality, they were propelled to new levels of popularity. Overall, they look chic, classic and luxurious, playing well with others when designed cleverly into a space. Perhaps the only instance they may not look great is when used within small spaces.

4. Are they outdated?

As you may have gathered from the above, absolutely not. Sure they may have been one time, and it may have almost seemed like the end of the road. However, changes in tastes and interior design have been their saving grace. Plus, there is no telling what new styles and themes will come in the future. Vertical blinds are neutral enough to blend into any of these, while also continuing to make an impact. It is a rare feature amongst window furnishings, making them a mainstay for years to come. 

Try various combinations too to update the look of your space every now and then. Sheers with vertical blinds for instance are much-loved. You can play around with colours too to create texture and character effortlessly. 

Opting for customised versions will allow you this creative flexibility as opposed to vertical blinds from Bunnings. Book an appointment to pick the brains of one of our consultants if you want to upgrade your window furnishings. We’ll help you create the perfect look you’re after!