Honeycomb Blinds: Invest In Innovation


Honeycomb blinds represent the impressive advancements in window furnishing technology. In an ever-changing world in which innovation has been infused into every area of the household, the honeycomb blind is a cutting-edge window furnishing with multifunctional use. This is an aesthetically pleasing choice for your property with a sleek and modern design, offering many practical benefits too.


Also referred to as cellular blinds, these stylish energy savers are designed with a distinct cell-like structure that traps air in pockets – keeping your property warm in winter and cool during the summer months. If this sounds like something you are interested in, Watson Blinds is here to help you out!


Watson Blinds has been designing, sourcing and selling the highest quality honeycomb blinds as well as a variety of other window furnishing options for over 50 years. Our cellular blinds have been proven to save up to 32% of energy costs, due to the pioneering nature of the design. In this brief read, we will be covering some common spaces, both commercial and private where our honeycomb blinds could fit right in.


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Honeycomb Blinds: Improve Office Spaces


The first commercial space worth mentioning is one where multiple people can benefit simultaneously through the installation of honeycomb blinds. That is, of course, the shared office space. In Australia today, especially in some of the vast commercial areas in major urban hubs, there are some genuinely impressive offices to be found. One only needs to think of the office spaces of iSelect in Cheltenham, Sahmri in Adelaide or the remarkable special OXIGEN offices to understand how impressive commercial office spaces can be. Amongst the office spaces mentioned, the most common feature is their modern design, characterised by the architectural use of glass.


Although this makes these buildings genuinely stunning, glass – even when tempered, can directly impact the internal temperature. With this in mind, it must be ensured that these office spaces have effective temperature regulation. This generally means using industrial-sized aircon units to do so.


Unfortunately, these aircon units can run up significant energy costs. That is why it makes so much sense that sizeable Australian office spaces like those mentioned invest in Watson cellular blinds.


Other than temperature regulation, let us look at some of the other added benefits of adding these blinds to your company shopping list:


Glare Reduction: One of the best features of honeycomb blinds is the versatility of the materials used to manufacture them. At Watson, we offer eight different materials for you to choose from. With our block-out materials for instance, you can be assured that harsh sunlight will not be a problem once you have your blinds installed. This means that for those employees sitting near windows, their computer screens will be protected from that dreaded glare which often makes it difficult to work due to poor visibility.


Privacy and Enhanced Focus: Working in an office space sometimes calls for increased privacy. Watson Blinds provides an elegant solution with the ability to be drawn up or down to increase privacy when needed.


Sound Insulation and Noise Reduction: Another stand-out feature of cellular blinds is that their design can help muffle sound as well, especially when using some of our thicker materials. This can be extremely helpful in reducing sound pollution in your office spaces, creating a more conducive environment.


Honeycomb Blinds In Retail Stores


Watson Honeycomb Blinds have proven to be highly effective in office environments, providing an affordable solution for regulating temperatures while reducing light and sound pollution. Here, we will also look at how these blinds can greatly enhance the retail industry as well. With their unique design, cellular blinds offer remarkable advantages in temperature control within retail spaces.


For instance, large windows are utilised to showcase products and attract customers. However, glass windows are poor insulators, leading to energy inefficiency. By incorporating cellular blinds, retailers can significantly improve insulation, minimising heat transfer and reducing energy consumption. This not only helps create a more comfortable shopping experience, but also contributes to cost savings.


Additionally, noise pollution is a common challenge faced by both office and retail spaces. In a bustling retail environment, managing noise levels is important to ensure a pleasant shopping atmosphere. Honeycomb blinds, with their sound-absorbing properties, act as an effective solution for noise reduction. By strategically placing these blinds, retailers can mitigate external noise, creating a more pleasant environment for customers and staff alike.




Hence, by improving insulation and reducing noise pollution, these blinds provide retailers with an effective means to enhance the overall shopping experience.


The retail sector encompasses all sorts of businesses that sell various products. From fresh and frozen food to cleaning chemicals, agricultural products and home furniture, it is so varied that honeycomb blinds can provide even more specialised benefits.


With Watson Honeycomb Blinds, you can rest assured that our products can also help with the following:


UV Protection: UV rays can be extremely harsh, and due to the large windows in many retail storefronts, you may be exposing your products to these unwanted rays, which can damage your products over time. When you opt for Watson blinds, you will be spoiled for choice with premium materials, like the Harlem range or our Clarity material. These fantastic options will help reduce your products’ wear and tear by blocking out most UV rays – and this applies to both retail storefronts and home environments!


Enhanced Display and Lighting Control: When it comes to retail marketing, how you present your product will have a major impact on sales. Here again, thanks to our extensive range of colour options, Watson blinds shine. Our blinds can help elevate the lighting in your store, setting the perfect ambience and presentation of your products. Furthermore, due to our blinds’ flexibility, you can adjust them to balance between natural and electrical lighting, which will also help you create the environment you need to make your products look all the more appealing.


Branding Options: At Watson Blinds, our blinds are made from premium quality materials, and can provide your business with added advertising space. You can easily have your storefront’s logo or sponsor’s information printed onto these cellular blinds. Hanging them in the front of your store will help catch the attention of potential clientele.


Honeycomb Blinds In Hotels And Resorts


The hotel and resort market is another area where honeycomb blinds could prove vital, with Australia home to some genuinely great hotel destinations. Across Australia, the 13 most prominent hotels all number over 500 rooms per site. With such large areas dedicated to rooming thousands of guests every day, each with their own unique preferences and expectations, Watson Blinds window furnishings can be very beneficial.


When you have a building with so many rooms, and each room needs to have effective temperature regulation, the air-con systems in place are not only going to be massive, but also highly complex and, in turn, will lead to hefty energy bills to fuel this fundamental necessity in the hotel space. Installing Watson blinds in each room will provide a greater level of insulation, meaning that many hotel residents may rely less on the air-con units. Energy bills could, as a result, be significantly reduced.


More than just temperature control, cellular blinds also provide the following perks:


Privacy: In any hotel, whether grandiose and staggering in size or smaller regional hotels, privacy is critical. With the use of Watson block-out materials, privacy is guaranteed. Watson blinds are also uniquely designed to open from the top or the bottom, depending on your preferences. This gives guests the unique ability to decide how much privacy they need, which they may not be able to do with other window dressing options.


Improved Indoor Air Quality: Cleanliness and quality is another vital aspect of running a hotel. As it turns out, Watson cellular blinds satisfy this all-important requirement as well. They are GREENGUARD certified, assuring customers that our blinds are proven to benefit the indoor air quality of the rooms they are installed in. They do this by meeting stringent standards for low chemical emissions during product usage.


Guest Comfort and Satisfaction: Making sure that your guests are happy in their temporary living situation is the primary task of any good hotel manager. This includes making sure your guests are delighted with the spaces they stay in. Watson cellular blinds are not only practically functional, but they are also visually pleasing.


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With a modern, sleek design and broad choice of colours and styles, they provide the perfect window furnishing for any thematic structure your hotel needs. In addition, our blinds are sure to add to the feeling of luxury in any space they are installed.


Honeycomb Blinds: Fitness Centres And Gyms


There are a plethora of potential benefits of installing Watson Honeycomb Blinds in gyms and fitness areas. As one of Australia’s booming sectors, 6400 gyms and fitness centres are registered across Australia with an employee basis of around 35 000 people. It was estimated that 5.6% of the Australian population owns a gym membership.


Gyming is a growing part of Australian culture, meaning more gyms and fitness centres are being built yearly. Because of the nature of gyms that focus on working out in enclosed spaces, gyms must be well-regulated temperature-wise to keep people comfortable, cool and collected while working out. As discussed in detail regarding other commercial areas covered in this article, cellular blinds can significantly improve temperature regulation in gyms and fitness studios too.


There are more specific reasons to install Watson blinds in your gym, however. Let us touch on some of them here:


Glare Reduction: In many gyms, large windows are generally installed to provide gym-goers with natural light while they exercise. However, during specific parts of the day, if the sun is in a particular position, it can be difficult for your customers to focus on their workout because of the glare. These blinds let you choose when and how much sun you want at specific times of the day. Combined with the fact that Watson blinds can be custom-made to fit your space, it is the perfect solution for the generally larger windows at your gym.




Privacy for Changing Areas: Although gym changing rooms are already separated by gender and are private as is, many gyms struggle to achieve the same privacy for clients within those changing room areas. However, this can easily be solved by installing blinds. Not only are these blinds able to lessen noise coming from each cubicle, but they are also a more cost-effective means to create privacy within the locker rooms. Blinds can also help section off certain areas of your studio, allowing for private workout sessions when needed.


Watson Honeycomb Blinds: Ideal In Any Space


This article has focused on several significant commercial spaces where cellular blinds would be well-suited aesthetically and provide practical use. However, the most popular and obvious use for Watson cellular blinds is in the home. Our blinds offer a variety of benefits that will protect your property, your privacy, your furniture and you! These benefits include efficient temperature regulation, UV and glare protection, and the hygienic properties of these practical window furnishings.


All of these benefits culminate to make Watson Honeycomb Blinds a cost-efficient and logical choice. So do not hesitate to elevate your space and secure your very own effective window furnishing today!