How Roman Blinds Can Bring Timeless Style & Sophistication To Your Home

Roman blinds

Here at Watson, we’re big fans of Roman Blinds. We figure if they were good enough for the Romans, they’re good enough for us! What we love is that they’re unique. Visually, Romans are halfway between a curtain and a blind, but blend the best aspects of both. Their strong, clean lines and neat folding design make them a popular solution for a range of home décor schemes.

1. Ease Of Operation

Like roller blinds, Roman Blinds feature a single length of fabric that is raised or lowered to determine the amount of light that enters your home. The fabric folds away in neat panels along individual seams, gathering together like a pelmet at the top. This makes for a striking look, especially on a high, full-length window. 

Roman Blinds

The sharp folds of the fabric act as a valance, so there’s no need for you to find a separate top treatment. If you’re after a clean, minimal look, Roman Blinds are an ideal choice – they have no ornamental frills and are operated with a simple cord that tucks neatly away. As they’re usually made from fabric, you can opt for blockout, sunscreen, or translucent coverings for greater control over the light passing through.


2. Ageless Style

When it comes to Roman Blinds, your design options are virtually limitless. That’s the beauty of fabric window furnishings. Their clean, sleek style makes them suitable for just about any room or window, and they can be tailored for a straightforward, formal look, or something softer with more of your own personality. It all comes down to your choice of fabric.


For a modern home, choose linen Romans in solid block colours. If your space is more industrial, with exposed wood and visible raw materials, you could opt for a subtle stripe or other pattern to add contrast. Alternatively, Blockout Romans give you total darkness and shield the space from passersby, which makes them perfect for apartment bedrooms. 


When it comes to care and maintenance, Roman Blinds are super easy. You can spot clean their polyester fabric with mild detergent and a damp cloth, so try them in your kitchen, laundry, or other areas prone to moisture.

3. Strong Light & Heat Control

Unlike shutters, which can be angled with a louvre, Roman Blinds are designed to be either open or closed. Because they’re designed as a single long panel of fabric, they’re slightly less accommodating when it comes to light filtration. To allow more direct sunlight or enjoy a full view of your outdoor spaces, you can always try a sheer fabric instead.


What Roman Blinds lack in light control, they more than make up for in privacy. When they’re shut, they’re shut – meaning you can enjoy total comfort away from prying eyes. 


They’re also effective insulators. When mounted inside the window frame, Roman Blinds create a perfect seal between your living areas and the outside. A dense, blockout fabric will reduce the level of heat that enters in summer and escapes in winter, reducing your energy bills and keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. This also means that light bleedage through the blind’s side channels will be minimised – perfect for a bedroom, where you want to get a perfect night’s sleep every time.

4. Suitable For Any Space

The installation options for Roman Blinds are limited only by your imagination! With such an extensive range of fabrics and colours,  you’ll be able to match them to just about any room in your home. Other window furnishings can look busy or cluttered, especially atop smaller windows, but the clean, uniform appearance of Roman Blinds fit perfectly.

This makes them great for rooms that require a more compact look – think bedrooms, office spaces, or bay windows. Here, they’ll take up minimal space on either side of the window. If you’re looking for a window furnishing that combines the luxury of curtain drapes with the simple functionality of roller blinds, Roman Blinds might be your best bet!