Discover The Beauty Of Translucent Curtains

Perfect For Privacy Without Sacrificing Light & Style

Accentuate Your Decorative Style

Finding the balance between the practical requirements of a room and matching the décor can often be difficult – translucent curtains provide an excellent mid-ground between your need for privacy and your desire for a decor style you love.

Find Your Sweet Spot With Translucent Curtains

Not feeling blockouts or sheer curtain options for your space? Translucent curtains may be the answer. 

Certain rooms require a level of privacy from the outside world; these curtains can provide this privacy, whilst allowing natural light to shine into a room.

Translucent curtains also bring stunning decorative flair to any space. We can also make all curtains tailored to your specifications, with a large range of fabrics available.

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Translucent Curtains
Translucent Curtains

Translucent Curtains Explained

You might understandably wonder why these curtains are in a category of their own. 

Blockouts are the way they are because of the lining they’re typically backed by. Though translucent curtains don’t have this lining, the secret is in the fabric weave. It’s woven to specifications that ensure the threads combine to offer privacy, while letting some light through. 

If you want to enjoy just the right amount of light, then translucent curtains are for you. 

Where Would You Use These Curtains?

Your options are limitless with these curtains. You can use them on their own, or paired with blockouts if you prefer texture by adding layers. We think they’re great for both home and office use, especially in spaces that are in need of a little extra no-fuss ‘pizzazz’. 

Instantly revitalise a room by giving it a facelift with these curtains and see them work for you. 

Use them any time of the year for every reason and season. Our range of translucent fabrics is extensive, and come in a variety of colours, shades, prints and patterns. Whether you’re looking for sunny Summery hues or something to match them Winter blues, it’s here. 

If you’d like to take a look at your options, why not book an appointment with our local experts today?

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