Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces The Way You Deserve To With A Retractable Awning

Take Back Control From The Unpredictable Aussie Weather
Year-Round Comfort?
It’s A No-Brainer.
Regulate temperature and increase airflow while reducing your energy bill.

With A Retractable Awning, Every Day Is A Celebration.

If you live in Australia, you’ll know that our weather can be a little unpredictable at times. We’ve all been there. The invites have been sent out, the steaks have been bought, and your visitors are due on the doorstep at any moment – but the temperature’s suddenly dropped and it’s looking like it might rain. Or worse…your friends have taken their seats out on the deck, drinks in hand, ready to catch up. But the harsh glare from the sun is making it impossible to relax.

Whether it’s the sweltering heat of summer or gale force winds in winter, it helps to make sure your outdoor living spaces are ready for anything. But don’t worry – there is a solution. Retractable Awnings allow you to make the most of your outdoor spaces by regulating temperature and airflow, keeping you and your loved ones comfortable while reducing your electricity bills.

They’re super versatile, and can be installed anywhere from patios and balconies to commercial spaces such as restaurants. Our extensive range of retractable awning options are available in a wide variety of fabrics and colours, and you can opt for either manual operation or a motorised system for added ease. 

Think how good it would feel to cut your energy bill in half! With a Retractable Awning, it’s possible. Better temperature regulation is going to result in much less reliance on the air conditioner. Plus – by installing a Retractable Awning over your window or outdoor area, you’re protecting your family from harmful UV radiation, taking the stress out of those sunny afternoons.

Worried you don’t have room? A retractable awning doesn’t have to take up the whole backyard. They can be fitted into just about any space, and here at Watson, we’ve got everything from Pivot Arm Awnings through to Straight Drop Awnings. Trust us – there’s definitely a Retractable Awning to suit you.

Think like a real estate agent for a moment. When you install a Retractable Awning, you’re not just preventing bad weather from ruining gatherings with family and friends. You’re actually creating an extra living space – and adding instant value to your home in the process. It’s a great investment, and one that will stand the test of time.

We’ve been fitting out homes in the New South Wales region with Retractable Awnings for over half a century. Let us use our experience and professional expertise to help you enjoy your home the way you deserve.

If you’d like to see how any of our Watson Retractable Awnings would look in your outdoor spaces, we offer free home consultations. We can walk you through the process and find an awning solution to suit you. Book one through the link below, and we’ll even give you a voucher to use on any product of ours that catches your eye: 

The weather should never decide whether you have an outdoor gathering. Take back control with a Watson Retractable Awning.