Roller Blinds – Everything You Need to Know

Are you sick and tired of manoeuvering bulky curtains all day long to control light flow? Or waking up earlier than you’d like everyday thanks to sunlight tickling the corner of your eye? 

Perhaps you’re worried about your interiors deteriorating due to the sun’s harsh effects on them, resulting in fading and cracking. Maybe you find yourself stressing about how to keep your home cooler too. Especially smack-bang in the middle of an Aussie Summer. 

Fortunately, these aren’t problems only you struggle with. In fact, they’re experienced by many more people than you’d think. Your neighbours are probably grumbling about them to their dog as we speak. And chances are, you’re all struggling with the same issue; improper window furnishings. 

If you’re wanting to dress your windows with a straightforward, effective solution, then roller blinds could be the ticket. They’re window furnishings that consist of a single piece of fabric attached to a roller mechanism at the top of the window frame. They can be made from various types of fabrics, including sheer, blackout and sun-filtering materials. Let’s look at everything you need to know about roller blinds.

1. Installation: 

There are two ways to mount your roller blinds; inside or outside the window frame. The technical terms for these are reveal and face fit blinds. Which you opt for of course depends on your preference. In either case, brackets are used to attach the blinds to the wall or window frame. 

Some like the blinds to fit more snugly within the frame, so opt to have them installed inside. Others want to ensure the blinds completely cover any light out of the sides, and choose an outside fit. However, side channels can be installed with reveal fit blind, which achieves the same result with a better look. Pelmets for roller blinds will also help for the perfect finishing touch.

2. Operation:

These blinds are super easy to operate and are incredibly user-friendly. Manual operation includes a cord or chain, or sometimes simply tugging on the bottom of the fabric to raise/ lower the blind. Motorisation however is a very popular option nowadays, making use of a remote control or smart home system. The latter also lets you control your blinds even when you’re not home. 

3. Types of fabric:

Due to their simplicity, you’d be forgiven for assuming roller blinds didn’t offer much choice. However, the opposite is true. Roller blinds can be selected in blackout and sheer variations, including sunscreen and light filtering. In short, blackout fabrics help block out light while providing full privacy, while sheers let some light through. Sunscreen and light filtering each have their own view-through capabilities too from the outside-in and vice versa. They also provide UV protection while reducing glare which is an added bonus.


4. Customisable:

Roller blinds can be customised to fit any window size. Keeping things fun, they can also be made in a variety of finishes including scalloped, straight and shaped bottoms. 

5. Maintenance:

These blinds are also oh-so-easy to clean as they consist of one solid layer of fabric. All you need to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth when you want a deeper clean. For more frequent cleaning, simply use a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove dust. 

6. Style:

Once you’ve gotten the boring technicalities out of the way, you can start playing with styles. These blinds come in a range of styles to suit any decor, including classic, modern and minimalist to name a few. What’s more, you can further customise them for your precise taste with various patterns, colours and textures available in abundance. 

Last but not least, roller blinds can also help with the energy-efficiency of your home. They help improve insulation by keeping your home cool in Summer and warm in Winter. This in turn can help with regulating energy costs. As a whole, roller blinds are both versatile and practical, and a great choice for any home. Opting for double-roller blinds will further enhance both looks and functionality.

Take some time to understand how plain colours and patterns work within your space. For instance, vertical stripes can make a room look higher, and lighter colours make it look bigger. You can also match roller blinds to your walls or furniture, or even statement pieces to create unique results. 

Be sure to enlist a professional to help you with measuring and installation. They can also use their expertise to help you decide on what works best for your space. Custom-made window furnishings can be one of the best investments you make for your home, so go about it the right way. Roller blinds at Bunnings may seem like an easy option, but have much less to offer. Reach out to one of our experts for a free in-home consultation so you have complete peace of mind.