Everything You Need To Know About Roller Shutters

If you’re looking for a way to take control of the amount of light that enters your home while preserving your privacy and comfort, look no further. Roller Shutters are the sturdier outside equivalent of Roller Blinds, helping to secure your property from intruders while adding to its curb appeal. They’ve got endless benefits, spanning weather protection, security, insulation, noise reduction and more. 

Roller shutters

With so many functions, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d be an eyesore.  On the contrary, they’ve got a sleek, contemporary design that is custom-built to the exact specifications of your home’s exterior. Plus, they won’t break the bank! Thinking about Roller Shutters? Maybe our deep-dive into their many benefits will convince you. 

Privacy & Comfort

Roller Shutters take light control – and therefore privacy – to another level. As a homeowner, nothing is more important than your own space, and Roller Shutters offer total peace of mind, allowing you to shut out unwanted light or attention at any time of the day or night.

 Sure, the Aussie sun is great, but not all the time. Sometimes you need a break – whether it’s for a movie night or a well-deserved sleep in, Roller Shutters have you covered. Curtains and blinds have gaps through which nosy neighbours can peek. But when Roller Shutters are shut, they’re shut, and no-one’s seeing in. 

Of course, you can partially open or close them to suit any situation, to allow yourself as much fresh air and sunshine as you see fit. The choice is yours, which makes them great for a street-facing room in a busy, built-up urban area.


This is the big one. Roller Shutters are specially made to provide you with a level of home security that the regular glass panels of your home can’t match. The idea is that windows are traditionally a weakness and therefore a common point of entry for intruders, and Roller Shutters act as an effective deterrent. 

Visually, they look the business, with a tough, hard-to-break exterior that is going to immediately put off any potential thieves. They’re going to take one look and realise how much noise and time is required to cut through a shutter before moving on to a less well-protected property. 

The best Roller Shutters are made from high-quality interlocking aluminium slats – a far better protective option than outdated double glazing or unsightly security grilles. What’s more, if the slats are stainless steel, they’ll be weather- and rust-resistant, making for a longer lasting home security solution. 


Do you find yourself wishing for a way to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer? Do you dread your energy bill each quarter? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you’ll be happy to hear that the solution could be easier than first thought. 

Often, people don’t realise that the glass windows and doors of their home are poor insulators, allowing both warm and cool air to pass through freely. Roller Shutters are a cost-effective way of combating this. By providing an added barrier between the outside of your home and the inside, they’ll trap hot air when you want it during the winter months, but allow for vital circulation in summer. 

Roller Shutters


This means they’ll make your heating and air-conditioning up to 30% more efficient as a result, especially if they’re made from PVC or aluminium. By stabilising the temperature in your home, you’ll feel more comfortable and see your energy bills plummet. It’s a win-win! 


Noise Cancellation

Insulation doesn’t always mean temperature, however. Increasing population densities mean that we’re currently living close together than ever before. It’s important, then, to have protection from noise as well as we elements. 

Roller shutters

If you live near a busy road and feel as though you might as well be living near a highway or airport, you’ll be happy to hear that the polyurethane inside each slat of a Roller Shutter has strong noise insulation properties. This means two-way sound absorption, so you’ll no longer be annoyed at noises from the street, and won’t have to worry about keeping it down when you’re having a loud party. 


When you go to the effort of installing a window furnishing, you want to make sure that it’ll last – especially if it’s mounted outside your home. It’s a good thing, then, that Roller Shutters are among the most durable and cost-effective window treatments on the market. With strong stainless-steel slats, and a straightforward, streamlined operating system, you can be sure that Roller Shutters will bring you comfort and privacy for years to come. 

Another big benefit is the protection they offer against harsh weather conditions. In Australia, where it’s common to see all four seasons unfold in a single day, this is even more helpful. In the case of a heavy storm or forceful winds, simply extend your shutters and feel secure in the knowledge that they’ll stand firm against branches and other debris that can break your glass windows. In the event of a bushfire, the flame-retardant aluminium will deflect embers without warping under the high-temperatures, adding an extra layer of protection to your property. Plus, when you have your shutters extended, you’re actually protecting your floors, carpets, and interior possessions from long-term fading and discolouration from sun damage.