Sheer Curtains: Why We Love Them

Sheer curtains have been around longer than anyone can remember, but here at Watson, we’re not sure they get the respect they deserve. They’re more than delicate sheets of fabric – they’re a window furnishing staple, and shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to deciding on a window solution for your home. In fact, we’re so passionate about Sheer Curtains that we decided to delve a little deeper. Let us explain exactly why Sheer Curtains are so underrated.

1. They Create Ambience

Sheer curtains are naturally lightweight. From an interior design perspective, this give them a softness and a clean line that makes for a really striking contrast against harsh interiors. What’s more, the gentle light filtering effect of translucent fabrics can really help to brighten up a room. If they’re left to extend beyond the window frame – which we always recommend – the transparency of the fabric can add a classical sense of airiness and openness that makes a room feel bigger. This makes them a great choice for a small guest bedroom or similar space.

Sheer Curtains: Why We Love Them

Simple sheers also work well with interior design schemes featuring raw or exposed materials. Use them in conjunction with heavier curtains to emphasise the natural warmth of your timber floors or beams, without compromising on privacy or light control. Plus, they don’t even require windows to make an impact. Place them in the centre of a room as a divider, or to create partitions without reducing the feeling of space. This way they double as a centrepiece or elegant visual feature rather than a simple window covering. Talk about versatility!


2. They Offer Balanced Privacy

Generally, window coverings have two settings – open or closed. Not sheers. Leaving them drawn throughout the day means that you get the best of both worlds – natural sunshine and simultaneous privacy. It’s a great feeling to go about life without having to continuously adjust your curtains. It means you can get ready in the morning, relax on the sofa, or hang out with your family all while enjoying the view and soaking up the sunlight. Given that we all need more time and fewer things to worry about, sheer curtains kill two birds with one stone! You get privacy and light control all in one sleek, convenient package. 


A popular use for sheers is to hang them across the full length of a wall, creating an elegant backdrop that helps to break up a space without making it feel cramped. The floor-to-ceiling fabric creates a dreamy feel when used in this way, especially when teamed with neutral wall colours. From a functional standpoint, the delicate material of a sheer curtain remains unaffected by humidity, which makes them a perfect fit for bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms where excess moisture is a concern.


 It all comes down to whether you want the sheers to be a feature of the room on their own, or to subtly blend in so that the eye is drawn to different design elements instead.

3. They're Super Customisable

White sheers – they’re a timeless classic. Even if you know nothing about interior design, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. They go with everything, and the fact that they’re so dependable only adds to their functionality. The idea here is that the white of the sheers works as a blank canvas against which other colours can be substituted. Depending on the season, changes in trends, or even your mood, either swap out or layer the white shades with another colour. 

5 Important things You Should Know About Sheer Curtains

The fact that sheer curtains are super budget friendly makes reinventing your living spaces all the easier. However, there’s also a common misconception that sheer curtains are only an option if the room has white window coverings. That’s far from the case! Sheers are available in a range of neutral pastel colours that complement any space. Light colours with subtle textures can generate a hint of flair while keeping the feel of the room bright and relaxed. 



On the other hand, a sheer fabric with a slightly denser texture (or even a simple pattern) opens up a whole host of new possibilities. Whether you use them as window coverings, room dividers, or as a floor-to-ceiling fabric wall, sheers will add a touch of classic charm to a home and open up the space.

4. They're Endlessly Versatile

The true joy in selecting a window furnishing for your home comes with letting your imagination run wild. It’s all about layering – these days, there’s no restrictions when it comes to curtains, especially sheers. They look fantastic when hung on their own, but for optimum privacy, consider layering them with an additional window covering such as coated Blockout Curtains or even a Roman Blind. You can do this quite easily with a traverse rod – just ask your installer whether they offer double curtain treatments. It makes for a striking look of luxury, reminiscent of the sumptuous drapes used in hotels, and doubles your options. 

Sheer Curtains: Why We Love Them

In the day, sheers can be used to help make the most of natural light, while the lined curtains can be drawn at night to give you the good night’s sleep you need and the privacy you deserve.

So How Much Do Sheer Curtains Cost?

At this point, you might also be asking yourself ‘How much do sheer curtains cost?’ Well, it helps that sheer curtains won’t break the bank – they’re cost-effective and easily installed, lending themselves to any budget. If you value practicality, sunlight, and a contemporary look, they might just be the window furnishing for you.