What Are the Benefits of Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds or shades as they’re also known, are a popular window furnishing in modern households. They expertly balance the fine line between classic and contemporary, and are a breath of fresh air. Ticking off both utility and aesthetics, they’re available in a wide variety of fabrics to suit all tastes. Additionally, you have the option of choosing the type of operation; manual or motorised.

You can choose one of four variations for your Roman blinds, including flat, looped, balloon or dog-eared. No matter your preference, you can add a touch of softness and grace to your space to create the perfect ambience with Roman blinds.

As a whole, they’re simple and functional; not only do they improve your aesthetics, they also offer UV protection. You can also easily integrate them into any room, be it a bedroom, living room or study. Their unique design makes them effortlessly blend in, yet stand out at the same time. We highly recommend exploring this versatile, fun and one-of-a-kind window furnishing option for yourself. To make life easier, we’ve broken them up into some key points below.

1. Privacy

Roman blinds can indeed help you improve your privacy, especially when made with blockout fabrics. Their clever panel design allows you more control over this as well. As the structure consists of stacking panels, you can raise or lower them to just the right level. You can also do this gradually, by releasing one panel at a time till you’re satisfied with the result. If you want complete, unhindered views, simply roll all the way up until the panels are laying on top of each other.

2. Energy-efficient

These blinds can be an effective barrier against excessive heat and cold air that may come into your home. They’re especially handy during those sweltering Summer months as they assist with air circulation and keeping out light. As they’re typically made out of one piece of fabric, there are no gaps for light to peek through. This in turn means a cooler, more comfortable space to live in. On the flip side when the cold rolls around, they also help with insulation. Your home becomes more energy-efficient, especially when the blinds are fitted perfectly. Good news for your wallet!

3. Affordable

It’s commonly assumed that because the design looks rather fancy, it’s going to cost a bit too. However, this isn’t really the case. That’s what makes these blinds such a bargain. For a competitive price, you get a unique design with great functionality. What’s more, Roman blinds tend to use around 25% less fabric than curtains as well, which improves affordability. Something worth thinking about if budget is a big factor in your decision-making process.

4. Good for smaller windows

Not all the windows in a home will be the same size. So you need to choose window furnishings that accentuate each of them accordingly. Curtains in a small space for instance would look bulky and overbearing. Roman blinds are a great way to furnish smaller windows as they don’t feel stifling. Not only does this create a cleaner look, it also adds to ambience. As the panels fold away easily, Roman blinds give you more flexibility and create a modern look. Additionally, as they don’t cover the window frame, they can make smaller rooms appear more spacious

5. Easy to operate

Roman blinds are straightforward in their operation. You can choose to manually work them with cords/ chains, or for more convenience, motorise them. The latter is usually highly favoured because of how easy it is when you need to open and close them everyday. You can pair your blinds with your smart devices as well, through a home automation system. This way, you don’t even need to be home when you need to raise or lower your blinds. Remote operation is also incredibly beneficial for those with mobility issues.

6. Safety considerations

As all our products, Roman blinds are designed and manufactured with child-safety in mind. If however the cord/ chain is still a concern, we recommend motorising them. This completely does away with these components, making it even safer for your household.


The features and benefits of Roman blinds make them highly suited for all types and sizes of homes. Perhaps you want a break from the traditional roller blinds or curtains, for which Roman blinds are a great alternative. They offer a refreshing design with great functionality, and can be tailored just the way you like it with your preferred fabrics. You can also take your pick of colours and patterns, in-keeping with your current theme or to create a bold statement.

Want to know more about whether Roman blinds are right for you? Get in touch with us and book an appointment for an expert consultant to come out to your home. We’ll assess your requirements and let you know the best possible option. We’ll also help you narrow down your design preferences based on your taste and vision. Make use of us, we’re here to help!