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Meeting The Highest Standards For Cyclone Debris Screening.

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With the increase in extreme weather events, it’s essential to prepare your home to endure harsh conditions.

What Is Crimsafe For Cyclone Protection?

Crimsafe Cyclone Debris Screens are engineered to protect against flying debris from wind gusts up to 392 km/h and withstand impacts up to 44 m/s. A variety of Crimsafe products, including doors, windows, and Safe-S-Capes®, are approved for use in Cyclone regions C & D, meeting the 36 m/s requirement. These specially designed screens feature a unique build-out installation that safeguards glass windows from wind-borne debris and pass the highest standards for Cyclone Debris Screening required for regions C & D, withstanding impacts up to 44 m/s.

Why Choose Crimsafe For Cyclone Protection?