Experience The Versatility Of Veri Shades

If you are feeling the need to improve your home environment, Veri Shades may just be the versatile window furnishing you need. You are certainly not alone in wanting to re-assess your interiors, as the last few years have coaxed many of us into becoming more intimate with our homes. Across the globe, people were forced into lockdowns – spending more time indoors than ever before. Subsequently, the introduction of remote work enabled us to continue working from the cosy confines of our homes. Home is almost always best, but home can always be improved, and that is where Veri Shades come in.  

When we think of a home update, many of us may think of painting the study a brighter colour or replacing the couch in the living room. However, creating room for more natural light can also brighten up any space.  

Over the years, much research has been conducted on the ways in which natural light can improve not only the quality of our lives, but also our productivity. Another benefit of utilising natural light means less reliance on artificial light, and reduced power use.  

Veri Shades, the ‘clever curtain’, allows you to effectively control the lighting in your home. This guide will delve into the versatility of Veri Shades, and how they can easily bring new life to your interior spaces. At Watson Blinds, our clients have the opportunity to be fully in control of the colour, fabric and size of our Veri Shade window furnishings – allowing you to organise your interior according to your preferences. 


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About Veri Shades 

Veri Shades are an innovative window furnishing option with all the aesthetic and practical values you need for your home or business. No matter where you plan to use them, these unique shades offer functionality without compromising on appearance. 

One of the main benefits of Veri Shades and the reason they have become so popular is their unique level of versatility. They offer the look and feel of curtains, coupled with the functionality of blinds. Veri Shades also come in a range of colours and textures that can fit any home décor style. At Watson Blinds, you can choose from various colour options including beige, white, ivory, slate, charcoal and more! We also offer our clients a choice between a classic net pattern and a geometric mesh option.  

Our Veri Shades are made from a soft fabric, with alternating opaque and mesh strips. The composition of the Veri Shades is 100% polyester woven fabric which offers a soft and elegant appearance, while still proving easy to maintain. This fabric is bonded with mesh which provides privacy while still allowing light to filter through and is thick enough to provide insulation and temperature regulation. The fabric is also UV stabilised and therefore lightfast. A flame-retardant Veri Shades option is also available.  

The soft fabric hangs beautifully with no weights or chains, so that you can pass through these clever curtains with ease. And with the simple twist of a wand, you can easily control your Veri Shades to adjust light levels according to the sun’s position and your privacy needs. If you want to allow more natural light into your space, simply swivel your shades out of the way and reposition them to perfection.  

Veri Shades’ versatile design makes it easy to adjust your home’s light levels and outdoor visibility. Twisting the wand in one direction moves the opaque fabric panels to reduce UV and natural light and improve privacy. In the opposite direction, mesh panels open to let more light in and improve visibility. They can also be half open to let in filtered light, or pulled all the way back like a regular curtain to maximise natural lighting.  

Here is a quick summary of Veri Shades’ versatile attributes: 

  • Opaque fabric provides privacy and light blocking when the wand is twisted in one direction. 
  • Rotate the wand backwards to let more light through the mesh. 
  • Filtered light enters when the fold part is opened in half.  
  • Pull the Veri Shades back like a curtain to let in plenty of sunlight. 

Veri Shades use a single track, so you can get the same effect as a curtain in half the space. Furthermore, the fabric is stain resistant – and can be easily washed while the panels can be replaced individually. Veri Shades can also notably be made up to 6 metres wide, making this an ideal furnishing option for doorways and large windows.  

Our Veri Shades: Features That Fit Your Lifestyle 

No matter where Veri Shades are placed in your home, there are options to suit your lifestyle. Veri Shades are easy to care for and are available in a variety of accommodating options, including moisture-resistant fabrics for bathrooms and flame-retardant fabrics for kitchens. Cordless and chainless options are safe for children and pets.  

Conveniently, installation requires only one track and individual fabric panels, so even if Veri Shades are damaged, only the damaged panel will need to be repaired or replaced – this is both easier and cheaper than replacing your regular blinds and curtains entirely.  

It is also well worth noting that our 100% polyester fabric choice has an ultraviolet protection factor of 50+. This provides protection for your home and anyone who may be resting in the filtered sunlight provided by the shades. Additionally, all our fabric choices are easy to care for with manageable cleaning needs, and the shades can be washed individually. Easy-care fabrics are also resistant to soiling or fading with age.  

If you are interested in upscaling your interior with this clever curtain, reach out to Watson Blinds via our official website. You can click the yellow book appointment button and one of our friendly consultants will reach out to you for a consultation.  



Our Veri Shades: Innovative Design 

If you have an interest in interior design, you will know that window furnishings are one of the most important elements in an interior space. How you decide to furnish your windows will impact the amount of natural light a room receives, the overall airflow, and how low- or high-maintenance a space is.  

Many interior designers have a preference for using vertical lines to trick the eyes into believing that a room is bigger than it is. There are various methods of doing this, such as incorporating striped wallpaper or striped furniture in a room. Veri Shades operates in the same vein, with material composed of vertical lines that, when utilised properly, can add the illusion of height to your windows and more depth to a room. 

Vertical stripes are a great style choice for many reasons. They create a sleek, modern look and draw the eye upwards, making it a great design element when you want to attract attention to a particular aspect of a room. 

Vertical stripes are also suitable for rooms that already have a lot of horizontal elements, such as dressers and bed frames. This helps break up the monotony of the interior. In other words, the effect of vertical stripes in a room can mean the difference between an uninteresting space and a more stimulating and visually striking one. 

Incorporating vertical stripes into the overall design of a room can create a classic and timeless look. For those looking to create a classic look without sacrificing originality, this can be a good choice. 

Finally, vertical stripes can be used to create a strong visual impact, especially when achieved through colour. Bright and bold colours are great for creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere in an interior space.  

About Watson Blinds 

Purchasing Veri Shades from Watson Blinds is easy and hassle-free. Start by visiting our website to see our wide variety of Veri Shades options to suit any interior style. You can also choose from manual or motorised options according to your preference.  

Once you have selected your Veri Shades, you can book a consultation through our website by completing a simple online form. A Watson Blinds representative will contact you to coordinate your appointment. Once you are happy with your soon-to-be shades, a professional installer will accurately measure your window size to ensure your Veri Shades are a perfect fit. After the measurements are completed, arrangements will be made to install the Veri Shades.  

Watson Blinds offers competitive pricing on all of our products and services to ensure that our clients get the best value for their money. If you choose to proceed with the installation, Watson Blinds will arrange an installation date and time that is convenient for you. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who will install your new Veri Shades with precision and care. The installation process is quick and efficient, with minimal impact on your daily life. 


Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is one of the reasons Watson Blinds is the perfect choice for all of your window furnishing needs. Our Veri Shades come with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your money. 

Watson Blinds also offers excellent customer service with a team of friendly and knowledgeable representatives who are always available to answer your questions or address concerns. To ensure your satisfaction with Veri Shades and to resolve any issues that may arise, we provide on-going support even after installation. 



In Conclusion 

The unique patented design of Veri Shades hangs like a vertical fabric curtain with alternating opaque folds. With a twist of the wand, you can adjust the Veri Shades to your desired level of light or privacy. Rotating in one direction, the opaque creases provide privacy and light blocking – while rotating in the opposite direction, the mesh fabric lets more light through. If you really want to maximise the daylight, you can even pull them all the way back to expose the entire window. 

As mentioned earlier in this article, Veri Shades also have no chains or weights. Open or closed, you can walk through them with ease. This is a great option if you have pets or children, and means it is quiet even on windy days.  

If all of this sounds appealing to you, then Watson Blinds is here to help. We will design, supply and install your Veri Shades, allowing you to construct an interior space that aligns with your vision.