Veri Shades: Innovation At Your Fingertips

If you are redecorating your home, revamping your office space, or simply looking for the perfect window furnishing to add that finishing touch, Veri Shades might just be the perfect option for you. This innovative window furnishing option offers versatility and cutting-edge modern design, blending the look and feel of curtains with the functionality of blinds. Soft, stylish and exceedingly elegant, Veri Shades will fit right into your home or office environment.

In this brief read, we will fill you in on everything you need to know about their innovative design as well as how Watson Blinds can provide you with your very own ‘clever curtain’. Our impressive collection of shades, blinds, shutters and awnings will leave you spoiled for choice when shopping for high-quality window furnishings.


Veri Shades: A Revolutionary Innovation In Window Furnishings


Redecorating your personal space is no small feat, and you may find yourself torn between curtains or blinds when deciding on your new window furnishing. Watson Blinds offers a convenient solution to this dilemma in the form of Veri Shades. This revolutionary window furnishing boasts the elegance of curtains while maintaining the practical functionality of standard blinds. So, why pick one when you could have both?

Everybody loves a good curtain – they are sophisticated, versatile and easy to pull aside when needed. On the other hand, blinds offer increased light control and better temperature regulation, giving you more choices to adjust as you like. The contemporary fabric vanes of Veri Shades offer a blended and seamless indoor-outdoor living experience, combining the two for a fluid, silent and oh-so-stylish result.

Veri Shades are able to hang like curtains, with no additional weights or chains needed to hold them down. There are also no chords, preventing them from getting tangled and proving the perfect option for homes with children or pets. The unique design offers a luxurious appearance, able to soften the features of any interior.

Moreover, whether your Veri Shades are opened or closed, you will be able to pass through them freely, putting these functional window furnishings a notch above the rest.

Much like blinds, the supple folds of this patented design allow Veri Shades to be adjusted effortlessly, offering superior light filtering and airflow control. With a simple twist of the wand, the unique control mechanism allows users to turn the individual folds, switching between the translucent side and the opaque side with ease.

While double-track curtains use both black-out and sheer fabrics to accommodate light and temperature preferences, Veri Shades can achieve this effect with a single-track system. This single-track system provides effective light control and superior insulation while still saving space.

While most blinds require a bottom rail to keep the slats steady, Veri Shades do not need such rigid features. The fabric design requires no bottom rail, allowing the individual slats to move unrestricted, giving them a softer, whimsical appearance. This feature makes Veri Shades particularly appealing for sliding doors or other indoor-outdoor areas with steady foot traffic.

For increased ease and innovation, you could also choose the motorised option; a great home automation feature that will save you time and effort. With this option, you will be able to enjoy a seamless transition from day to night. Not only is this a highly practical and convenient option, you also get full bragging rights at your next hosting event!

Fabulous Fabric Options


If innovation and versatility was not enough, our Veri Shades are also available in a broad array of high-quality fabrics, colours, sizes, and styles. So, regardless of your interior aesthetic or choice of décor, you are sure to find a Veri Shades design to suit your taste.

The Veri Shades available from Watson Blinds include six distinguishable colours:

  • Beige
  • Charcoal
  • Ivory
  • Slate
  • Soft White
  • White

By adjusting Veri Shades one way or the other, you will also be able to alter your interior environment according to your preferences. The opaque fabric offers increased privacy and light-blocking features, while the translucent mesh fabric allows more light to pass through. You also have the option to open these shades halfway for filtered light, or draw them back fully – much like a curtain.

Veri Shades are carefully crafted from a soft, soil-resistant fabric, making these shades a practical time-saving choice. Rather than worrying about repeatedly cleaning your window furnishings, the ‘clever curtain’ requires very little maintenance, and each fabric fold can be removed individually to be washed or replaced in a matter of seconds.

When cleaning your Veri Shades, a light hand wash will do. If you plan to iron the fabric slats, make sure your iron is set to a mild warm setting and be sure to lay a cloth over the fabric so as not to place your iron directly on the Veri Shades themselves.

Speaking of cleaning – the creators of Veri Shades, Hannah and Clint, were so confident in this product’s high-quality fabric, that they staged a stain test to prove the ultimate durability of the ‘clever curtain’.

After sourcing three bottles of red wine, they proceeded to well and truly soak a few Ivory fabric Veri Shades vanes. After waiting 45 minutes to allow the wine to dry, they then soaked the stained vanes in a bucket of Vanish. The final results were telling, with the newly-washed Veri Shades free of all wine stains and just as clean and pristine as before.

The 100% polyester Veri Shades fabric is also UV stabilised, meaning your new ‘clever curtain’ will be resistant to fading. Furthermore, our Veri Shades are also available in fire-retardant fabrics – something that can prove rather useful if you are a fan of barbequing on the veranda.



Veri Shades: In Summary


Veri Shades are taking the modern home décor world by storm, and rightly so. In light of the ‘clever curtain’s’ immense popularity, we have summed up the top 5 reasons why Veri Shades are worth your consideration when picking out the perfect window furnishing for your property.

Innovative Design: These functional shades offer versatility and increased temperature and light control thanks to cutting-edge design choices.

Child-Friendly: Designed with kids in mind, Veri Shades are completely cordless, providing parents with a little peace of mind around the house. Resistant to soiling and extremely durable, these shades can withstand whatever your child or pet can throw at them.

Fantastic Fabrics: The soft, yet effective fabric that makes up Veri Shades is yet another aspect that sets this option above the rest. With a variety of colours and accommodating fabric features to choose from, these shades are able to fit seamlessly into any interior.

Style and Sophistication: Balancing a sleek, modern look with the vintage, delicate nature of curtains, Veri Shades bring an abundance of both style and sophistication to the table.

Options: With customisable sizes, fabrics, styles and features, Veri Shades is an accommodating window furnishing that puts the reins back in your hands. Tailor these shades to your specific taste and experience the ingenious versatility of Veri Shades.

Veri Shades From Watson Blinds


If you are interested in investing in Veri Shades for your property, Watson Blinds is here to help. Ask us how you can access our downloadable brochure or book an appointment on our website.

Our customer consultants are ready to help you get started with a wealth of experience to guide you along the way. If you appreciate a good bang for your buck, you will be pleased to know that booking an appointment with our local advisors will win you a free $250 voucher to put towards your order!

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