Why You Need Vertical Blinds In Your South Coast Home



Ever wondered if there was a simple way to control the amount of light that enters your home? Maybe you’ve wished there was something you could do to keep the place warm and make your quarterly energy bills a bit more manageable? Well guess what – there is. You’ve most likely heard of Vertical Blinds. They’re a hugely popular window furnishing, and for good reason. They’ll add lasting value to your South Coast home, are available in a range of smart, contemporary styles, and are super easy to install and operate. We’re not just saying all that because we sell them! As it stands, Vertical Blinds are a great combination of practicality and visual style, perfect for your South Coast home. We’re going to explain exactly how far Vertical Blinds have come from the ugly, outdated slats you had in your first share house, and why it’s time to get rid of any harsh preconceptions you may have about them. In fact, you should consider them a legitimate window furnishing solution for your home!

Vertical Blinds Work In Any Space

Vertical Blinds Batemans Bay will look great anywhere, from your living room to your office space. Their simple installation and cost-effective componentry mean that they’re a uniquely versatile window furnishing. Wondering why they’re so flexible? It all comes down to the fact that they’re suitable for just about any sort of window, regardless of the shape or size. Their neat, tidy fabric panels can turn any window into a feature, and make for an especially striking look on floor-to-ceiling windows. Whether it’s a domestic setting like your bedroom or family room or a business premises like an office or showroom, Vertical Blinds will always have you covered. 

They're Super Flexible

Vertical Blinds are a practical way to control your privacy by adjusting the amount of light that enters a building. The louvres of the blind are usually available in a range of different widths, so you can customise your own installation to suit your specific needs and cosmetic tastes. Though they can work well individually, they’re also a great finishing touch when coupled with a second window furnishing, such as a curtain, to help dress up the window. In a sense, they’re essentially a more functional curtain, hanging the same way but with added durability. Plus, you can choose to get them in polyester fabric, wood, metal, or PVC, so they’re an affordable solution without requiring you to compromise on style. 

They Give You Extra Room

This is a great bonus, especially for those looking to make their living spaces feel larger and more expansive. The long, clean lines of Vertical Blinds can help to dramatically increase the size of a wall as perceived by the human eye, which can be a neat trick in a smaller bedroom or living room. It helps too that the blinds can be displayed in a couple of different arrangements – whether fully closed, on a slight angle, or folded back away from the window. Apart from the visual versatility, this means you can also alter the blinds to suit the amount of light you want to enter your home. This is perfect for any rooms in the house that might be unusually shaped or require a little bit of dressing up. Think bathrooms, office blocks, or in the case of Batemans Bay and the South Coast, conservatory bay windows. 

They're Low Maintenance - Great For Batemans Bay Blinds

Vertical Blinds Batemans Bay can be cleaned super easily – especially if the slats are made from modern polyester material. Usually, this fabric is anti-static, meaning that it’s resistant to dust and dirt and can be easily vacuumed with a handheld vacuum from time to time for smooth and minimal maintenance. For more heavy duty cleans, you can actually unclip the fabric panels to be machine washed and dried. If any of the slats become worn or damaged from natural wear and tear, replacing them on an individual basis is quick and simple. On a cosmetic level, this means that you can replace the blinds with a new colour depending on the season or on changes to your individual taste. Bonus!


Vertical Blinds Are Perfect For Sliding Doors & Patios

On the South Coast, where you want to be able to enjoy your outdoor spaces to the fullest extent, you need to have good coverage for your sliding doors. If you’ve got an expansive sliding door that leads out onto your patio or balcony, you want to be able to preserve that view. This means that you need a window furnishing that is going to be functional and easy to operate, and looks great too. Vertical Blinds are the perfect option – they allow you easy access to the door and fold away into a small stack on the side when required. Any other panel-based blind would force you to be constantly pulling the blind out to reach the window, ducking underneath to make constant adjustments. This way, you get to enjoy the ocean view that makes the South Coast so special, as well as preserve the walkway to the balcony or patio.  

There you have it! If you think you might be interested in a Vertical Blinds Batemans Bay solution for your South Coast home, get in touch with us! Have a look at our Watson Blinds & Awnings product range and request an appointment with one of our expert reps to see how we can help you.