Window Blinds And Awnings: Nowra

Nowra's Chic Shade Solutions: Unveiling the Artistry of Window Blinds and Awnings

When looking for window furnishings in the Shoalhaven, there’s no debate that there are many options to choose from. But for quality assurance, years of expertise, and the widest range of choices on the market, Australian consumers know that Watson Blinds is a cut above the rest. Whether it be the Canberra or Nowra branch, we’re proud to have served the Australian public for over fifty years for all of their window furnishing needs. Since first opening our doors in 1968, Watson Blinds has been on the rise, and today we have five branches across the province.

In this article, we want to spend a bit of time focusing on our Nowra showroom. Our range of awnings and other window furnishings provided at the Nowra branch allow for customers in the area to find exactly what they are looking for, both indoors or outdoors. So, let us highlight some of our favourite product lines at the Nowra branch and discuss what benefits can be had by installing our window and outdoor furnishings.

Watson Blinds And Awnings: Nowra

When it comes to choosing window furnishings for a private home, office, or commercial area, Watson Blinds is here to meet your every need. There are many benefits to choosing us for your window furnishing provider, but we believe our most important attribute is the fact that we’ve been in the business for a long while, satisfying our clientele year after year. We’re also proud of providing jobs to many locals with our commitment to local manufacturing, with our professional installation and sales team making the process as easy as possible for all of our customers to find what they’re looking for.

This is true for all our teams including our Nowra branch. Nowra is a region rich in natural beauty, housing the popular Comerong Island nature reserve and the famous Shoalhaven area. Although Nowra is rich in cultural, historical, and natural heritage, it’s also a place where people enjoy a slower, more peaceful lifestyle. Watson Blinds are proud to be represented in the area and are able to provide customers with premium window furnishing options. 

Outdoor Awnings: Nowra 

One of the most requested product lines from our clients is the outdoor awnings the Nowra branch hosts. Not only are these awnings a cost-effective way to provide shaded cover outdoors, but it also encourages you to use your outdoor areas more often, come rain or shine. 

An awning, also referred to as an overhang, is a canopy made from material that is stretched over a frame. It’s usually attached to a wall or existing structure, so that it forms a sort of shaded roof. Outdoor awnings need to be robust enough to handle the elements, while still being aesthetically pleasing and providing cover. 

Our awnings at the Nowra branch are perfectly designed to do both of these things. Not only do we stock a wide array of materials and designs – providing you with a choice of styles you are sure to love – our frames are made to last, and we guarantee this with our generous lifetime warranties

There are so many benefits to installing outdoor awnings, but a few of the most important to consider are below: 

  • As mentioned above, outdoor awnings encourage you to use your outdoor areas more often, as they provide effective protection from the elements. Essentially, an awning makes it possible for you to lounge outside regardless of the weather.
  • Tasteful outdoor awnings also help to increase your property value, as you’re extending the living areas of your home. This is something that’s sure to catch the eye of prospective buyers, should you decide to put your property on the market.
  • Awnings are also a cost-effective solution to your outdoor cover needs that other options just can’t beat. While a gazebo or a large umbrella could technically serve the same function, it would not be nearly as sturdy, durable, and generally effective as a high-quality awning from Watson Blinds.

Build Your Awning: Nowra

Before you buy your awning, it’s important to take into consideration what you hope to gain from this new outdoor furnishing. We recommend considering the overall purpose your new awning will serve, the space you’ll need to install the awning (as well as if your desired option will be able to fit comfortably), and the kind of fabric you want to cover it with. These factors will help you land on an awning design that’s just right for you. 

To give you a better idea of the options available to you, here’s a quick breakdown of the most popular materials we offer for awning designs; namely metal for the structure and durable fabrics to stretch over it. While these aren’t the only options available to you, they’re the most obvious choice.

Metal Awning: Nowra 

When we refer to the metal awnings Nowra provides, we’re highlighting the material these awning frames are made from. Although we have other frame options, our metal frames are one of the most popular and promise a strong, durable, and stylish outdoor awning. 

With our metal frames, we can offer you a wide array of added features too. These include motorised or retractable awnings that can unfold and retract when needed. This in turn provides you with greater accessibility and better temperature and light control. 

Awning: Nowra Canvas Option

When considering canvas, your mind might instinctively jump to images of tents or camping, as canvas is a predominant fabric choice in that area. But did you know that canvas is also a great option for awnings? Canvas is a plain-weave fabric that is highly durable and, most importantly, weather-resistant. Furthermore, canvas is versatile in that it can easily be shaped to fit any size of awning, and is flexible enough to work with retractable awnings that need to be able to contract or expand. 

Awning: Nowra Mesh Option

From the benefits above, it’s clear that canvas is a great cover option for your awnings and will work with most shapes and sizes. However, for some, canvas may not be the right choice. In that case, Watson Blinds has you covered. The mesh cover option is made from interlaced strands of material, similar to a net. However, when it comes to mesh fabric for an awning, the interlaced strands are tightly packed together, providing another great cover option. Like canvas, it’s both durable and flexible, but it’s also more breathable too. If good airflow is what you’re aiming for, you can’t go wrong with a mesh covering.

Awning: Nowra PVC Option

If a durable covering is your top priority, then our PVC material option may be just right for you. This material is incredibly hardy while providing great water-resistance and good heat insulation. Furthermore, PVC is also low-maintenance and doesn’t require constant upkeep. We also have a number of different design options for you to choose from to match your home’s aesthetic. 

Awning: Nowra Clear Acrylic Option

This sort of covering provides a truly unique option, combining transparency and durability in a new and innovative way. Clear acrylic is a transparent plastic material made to be both sturdy and weather-resistant. With this option for your awnings, you’ll be able to enjoy unparalleled natural light and view-through capabilities while still being protected from the elements. 

Blinds: Nowra 

Like the awnings the Nowra branch offers, our blinds also boast an incredible range with exciting features to boot. Not only do our blinds come in a variety of sizes, colours and designs, they’re also sure to meet your aesthetic needs and are highly beneficial for a number of reasons. However, we’re most proud of their insulating qualities. Did you know, due to windows being poor insulators, you can lose approximately 30% of heat through them – making temperature control difficult. Our blinds are effective at preventing this heat loss, helping you better control your interior temperature. 

But that’s not all. We also offer several types of blind fabric choices, which include light filtering, blockout, and sunscreen options. Blockout fabric provides effective privacy and absolute light control, as they’re made to effectively block out sunlight when needed. On the other hand, our light filter blinds allow sunlight to gently diffuse into a room, providing some natural light. Our screen options provide a happy medium between the two, giving you the privacy you deserve while still allowing some light in. 

We’re also a forward-facing company and are constantly on the lookout for innovation and so offer smart blinds that work in conjunction with a mobile app. This allows you the most effective and modern light control on the market today. These smart blinds are highly beneficial as they offer: 

    • Automatic and precise shade and light control
    • Personalised schedules, automating the entire process of opening and closing your blinds
    • Voice activation abilities
    • Remote control using either the IOS or Android app 

Budget Curtains: Nowra

If neither blinds nor awnings are right for you, we still have a range of other product lines you can choose from. This includes our range of stunning curtain options which offer elegance and traditional aesthetic beauty to any room. Our curtains at Watson Blinds are known for their great quality and ease-of-use.

Our curtain range is extensive, and you’ll be able to customise almost every aspect of your window furnishing, ensuring that your final product meets your every need. Purchasing curtains from us is a customisable experience where you’ll get to choose the following elements: 

  • Fabric
  • Curtain tiebacks 
  • Curtain pleats 
  • Bandings and trims 

You may expect that for such a unique curtain purchasing option, you’re going to have spent quite a lot, but that’s not the case. At Watson Blinds, we want to help as many Australians as possible, and our range of curtains can be bought even on a budget. Thus, with the help of our expert sales consultants, you’re sure to be able to find a curtain option that works not only aesthetically for you, but also financially as well. 

About Watson Blinds

In this article, we’ve spent some time looking into the many fantastic awning options available to you at our Nowra branch. We even covered other window furnishing options the Nowra team can provide, like blinds and curtains. So, if you’re looking to update a few rooms in your home, you’re sure to find the perfect furnishings for your windows, doors and outdoor areas from Watson Blinds.