7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Roller Shutters

If you’ve thought about improving your home with roller shutters in the past, it’s time to take the plunge. Whether you’re considering them for your home or business, there are plenty of benefits to take advantage of. They’re definitely worth the effort, and will stand you in good stead for years to come. 

Roller shutters can be used in a variety of ways. They can be added as doors for warehouses, garages, shopfronts, and even vehicles such as trucks. They can also be used for residential purposes including as coverings over windows. Though once-upon-a-time they may have been bulky and industrial, today they’re more modernised. You can browse through a range of sleek and streamlined options in a variety of colours. This means you can easily match them to your property, no matter the needs.

Here we’re going to look at seven reasons to invest in roller shutters. By the end of it, hopefully you’ll know and understand them a bit more.

1. Improved Security

They say that necessity is the mother of invention; in this case, a need for better security birthed roller shutters. They are an incredible deterrent against intruders, simply because of their impenetrable nature. 

Alarmingly, statistics show that Australia encounters around 200k burglaries annually. This is quite significant, making security an essential part of your lifestyle. While security alarm systems are amongst the list, you will find that a simple roller shutter is also highly effective. They are near impossible to pry open from the outside, and can’t be easily damaged unlike a door or window. You can strengthen their impact by adding extra bolts and locks too. Lessen damage to your property proactively with roller shutters as opposed to reactively.

2. Sun/ heat Protection

We don’t need to tell you twice about them blazing hot Aussie Summers. The heat can get unbearable, sometimes for weeks on end. Even with interior window furnishings doing their job, it can sometimes get challenging. During these times, it helps to protect your property from the outside. Roller shutters are one way to do this effectively.

Fitting your windows with roller shutters is excellent for reducing the amount of heat that can come into your space. They function as a barrier if you will, preventing the heat from directly reaching your windows. The shutters bear the brunt of this instead, keeping your interiors cool. 

3. Protection for Windows/ Doors From Adverse Weather

As anyone who knows Australia will know, stinking hot Summers aren’t the end of it. Unpredictable weather is always around, and while it keeps you always guessing, sometimes it can be downright dangerous. When a typical Aussie storm kicks in, things can get quite wild and severe damage can occur as well as injuries. 

Installing roller shutters for windows as well as your doors will keep them safe from any such damage. Additionally, it will keep you and your loved ones safe too. For instance, during a severe storm the old branches of trees can blow off. They’re then uncontrollably flung off into different directions, and could hit your home. If they hit your bare windows, they will break and shatter, also leaving you exposed. Roller shutters will prevent any of this from occurring, making them a sound investment.

4. Protection From Fires

Another important part of living in Australia is learning to live with bushfires. Of course this isn’t an ideal situation, however it’s part of the reality. So it’s smart to be vigilant and if living in bushfire-prone regions, to be prepared in advance. Bear in mind that even when fires seem far away, the sheer heat can shatter glass. So when your windows break, live embers can make their way in, setting fire to your home. 

Fortunately, flame-retardant roller shutters can help you take the necessary preventive measures. By using them as a covering right round your home, you can significantly reduce any potential damage. Of course this doesn’t mean you’ll be covered 100%, but you’ll fare much better than a home that’s bare.

5. Increases Value Of Your Property

Needless to say, a home that’s better equipped for security and against adverse weather is a winner. As is a home that allows you to live comfortably in it, and keeps you protected from other conditions. That really, is the home of one’s dreams!

Naturally, this automatically increases the value of the property. So if for instance you want to rent or sell your home at some point, you’re already in the driver’s seat. Renters or buyers needn’t spend excess money on such features that improve their standard of living. It’s already set out for them, and the house is already above others in the market. You can definitely make your case confidently in a competitive market.

6. Reduces Insurance Premiums 

We all know how fiddly and pesky it can be to deal with insurance matters, and would rather avoid them. However, not doing so could be even worse. Luckily, roller shutters can help you here too.

One of the things insurance providers will look into when it comes to home insurance, is what you’ve done on your part. That’s to say, what you’ve invested in when it comes to security and protection. A home that’s left bare and vulnerable to intruders as well as harsh climates will incur higher premiums. This is because they’re considered more of a risk. A home fitted with roller shutters takes care of a number of issues pertaining to this, automatically reducing any risk. In turn, this reduces the premium you pay. This can help off-set the cost for roller shutters over time.

7. Energy-Saving

You would’ve seen mentioned above that they’re excellent for keeping our heat. However, they’re also excellent for acting as a cushion against the cold. In other words, during Winter they can trap a layer of air and keep your home warm. Their thickness means that no cold air can seep through, so you’re toasty all season long. As a whole, this means throughout the year you can expect comfort, as well as a reduction on your bills. Why? Because you’ll have less need to turn on that air-con/ heater. You now have alternatives to achieve the same results!

How Do I Choose A Roller Shutter?

Roller shutters are a long-term investment. Considering this, it’s essential that you make the right decisions. A few important things to look at include roller shutters repairs if something were to happen. Our team ensures exceptional after-sales service, so you’re taken care of at all times. 

In order to choose a roller shutter properly, we recommend booking in for a consultation. This’ll help a consultant customise an option for you, based on your unique needs. Reach out for an appointment and get the ball rolling!