Honeycomb Blinds

The Beautiful and Stylish Energy Saver That Provides All Year Comfort

Made In Canberra

5 Year Warranty

Reduce Energy Bills

Custom Fitted For You

"Not Just a Pretty Face"

Besides being easy on the eye and accentuating your overall decor style, Honeycomb blinds also provide great insulation and energy efficiency. Their cellular shape is designed to trap hot air, slowing its transfer in and out of your home. Available in a range of fabrics, colours and styles, they can effectively control room temperature without sacrificing on style.

Ensure comfortable temperatures in your home throughout the year without the huge increase in your energy bill. This innovative cellular design of the Honeycomb Blinds trap pockets of warm air, keeping your house warm during winter and cool during summer. At Watson we custom make our Honeycomb blinds to fit any window size or shape and provide the widest selection of colours and fabrics available in Canberra. Watson Honeycomb Blinds are a stylish option for any room in your home.

In-Home Expertise You Can Trust

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