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Struggling With The Canberra Winter?

You’re not alone. We’re a proudly locally owned and operated company, so we know how important it is to make sure your home is equipped for Canberra’s weather all year round. That’s where Honeycomb Blinds come in.

More Than Just A Pretty Face

Often, people don’t realise that the glass windows of their home are poor insulators that allow both cold and warm air to pass through freely. When you think of insulation, you probably think of ugly yellow foam and asbestos – but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Honeycomb Blinds have a unique cellular design that traps air within its pockets, creating a barrier between the inside of your home and outside. They have a high R-value, which refers to a material’s ability to resist heat flow. When installed on a door or window, the Honeycomb Blind regulates temperature, saving you money on your electricity bill and complementing the décor of your home.

While regular blinds only open from the bottom, Honeycomb Blinds open from the bottom and the top. This makes them incredibly versatile. Whether you’re looking to maintain privacy or prevent the pesky glare of sunny afternoons, it’s up to you how much light to let in, whether from above or below.

The benefits aren’t just practical – they’re visual. Honeycomb Blinds have a sleek design, available in a range of colours and fabrics to suit your home’s palette. They’re slim and minimal, with the strings smartly tucking away inside the wall of the blind’s fabric for an elegant look.

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Hendrix Single Cell 20mm

Essence Double Cell Translucent

Clarity Single Cell 20mm Sheer

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